Harvard NMBU - Download

The University Library has developed a Norwegian and an English Harvard style. You can download one of these styles and use it in your Master’s thesis unless your supervisor recommends another style.

Download - NMBU style

Procedure for accessing NMBU's Harvard style:

1) Instructions for downloading the style:
- Open the style, it should open in the EndNote program.
- In EndNote, go to the File Menu and choose Save As.
- Remove the word copy from the style's name, and then click the Save button.
- Click on the File Menu and choose Close Style.
EndNote will save the style to the default folder automatically:

 Date  Download style
 Norwegian Harvard style
 Developed by NMBU
 23.01.18  Harvard_NMBU_nor 
 English Harvard style
 Developed by NMBU
 23.01.18  Harvard_NMBU_eng 
 Numeric styles
 Based on the Harvard style.
 Date  Download style
 Norwegian Numeric style - alph.
 Reference list sorted alphabetically.
 23.01.18  Number_alph_NMBU_nor 
 English Numeric style  - alph.  
 Reference list sorted alphabetically.
 23.01.18  Number_alph_NMBU_eng
 Norwegian Numeric style
 Reference list sorted numerically.
 23.01.18  Number_NMBU_nor
 English Numeric style 
 Reference list sorted numerically.
 23.01.18  Number_NMBU_eng

2) After completing the download, select a style as follows:
In EndNote:

a) Choose Select Another Style from the drop-down menu in EndNote’s main menu.
Select the style you wish to use (e.g. Harvard_...) and click the Choose button.
In  Word:
You can change the appearance of your reference list at any time by selecting a different style.
a) Select Format Bibliography from the EndNote toolbar in Word. 
b) Complete the dialogue box – choose style (Harvard_...).
c) By clicking the OK button, you will format all citations and create a reference list at the end of the document

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