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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
PPRA201 Teaching Practice NO 0
VU-VET001 Bare når det trengs! Nettkurs i riktig antibiotikabruk til dyr NO 0
M0-ØA Planning the Master's Thesis NO 0
PPRA200 Teaching Practice NO 0
M0-BIOEC Planning the Master's Thesis NO 0
MATH007 Preparatory course in mathematics for MATH100 and MATH111 NO 0
PPRA301 Teaching Practice - LUR NO 0
VET350B Husbandry practice NO 0
KJM007 Introduction to Chemistry NO 0
PPRA300 Teaching Practice NO 0
FYS007 Preparatory Physics NO 0
VET340 Wildlife and Exotic Pet Medicine EN, NO 1
VET352-5 Klinisk kommunikasjon, psykisk helse og klinikkdrift NO 1.5
VET352-2 Vitenskapelig metode og veterinær samfunnsmedisin NO 1.5
VET322 Infection Prevention and Control NO 1.5
VET353-2 Animal Welfare 2 NO 1.5
VET320 Research Methodology and Writing a Thesis NO 1.5
INN360 Sustainable Business Model Innovation NO 10
HFA200 General Animal Breeding NO 10
HFA300 Animal Breeding Plans EN, NO 10
HFX225 Dogs: Breeding, Nutrition and Ethology NO 10
SKOG303 Silviculture and Forest Growth and Yield NO 10
HFE314 Experimental Animal Nutrition and Physiology EN, NO 10
SKOG302 Multiple Use of Forests NO 10
HFE400 Lipid Metabolism EN, NO 10
HFE414 Experimental animal nutrition and physiology EN, NO 10
HFH255 Equine Science NO 10
HFX132 Livestock Biology NO 10
HFX201 Physiology NO 10
TBA210 Building physics with sustainability NO 10
TBA270 Construction Management NO 10
TBA190 Buildings of wood with sustainability NO 10
HFX253 Swine and Poultry Production NO 10
INF120 Programming and Data Processing NO 10
SKOG304 Forest Ecology EN, NO 10
SKOG340 Forest Engineering and Logistics II NO 10
STAT100 Statistics NO 10
STAT101 Project based introduction to statistics NO 10
INF250 Image Analysis EN, NO 10
INF230 Data Processing and Analysis EN, NO 10
STAT340 Applied Methods in Statistics EN, NO 10
HFX255 Sustainable Dairy and Beef Production NO 10
INN345 Mentoring in Practice NO 10
STIN100 Biological Data Analysis NO 10
IND220 Innovation Enterprise NO 10
IND210 Industrial Management NO 10
IND200 Practical Project Management NO 10
INN331 Internship (10 ECTS) NO 10
IND310 Operational optimization EN, NO 10
ZOOL310 Behavioural and Population Ecology EN, NO 10