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Course idsort descending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
BIN420 Bioinformatics for functional meta-omics EN 5
BIO420 Advanced Developmental Biology EN, NO 10
BIO421 Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution EN 15
ECN400 Topics in environmental economics I EN 5
ECN401 Topics in environmental economics II EN 10
ECN410 Microeconomic Theory EN 10
EDS415 Qualitative Methods in Development Studies EN 5
EDS430 Environment and Development Studies for and by PhD Students EN 15
FORN400 Project Management for PhD candidates, veterinarian research students and Residents EN, NO 2
FYS401 Optical effects in solids EN 10
FYS473 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS474 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS476 Solar Energy NO 10
FYS488 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
HET401 Individual PhD Course in Ethology EN, NO 10
HFA401 Biometrical Methods in Animal Breeding EN, NO 10
HFE400 Lipid Metabolism EN, NO 10
HFE414 Experimental animal nutrition and physiology EN, NO 10
HFX400 PhD Course in Nutritional Physiology EN 10
KJB420 Proteomics II EN, NO 10
KJB430 Protein redox chemistry EN, NO 4
KJM410 Organic Mass Spectrometry (MS) EN, NO 10
MATH401 Modern Applied Mathematics EN 10
MINA410 Environmental Radiobiology EN 5
MVI480 Food Process Technology EN, NO 10
MVI483 Dairy Technology EN, NO 10
NOVA-400 Linear Models in animal breeding 3
NOVA-406 Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution: Renewable energy and emerging land-use conflicts EN 5
NOVA-407 Hybrid Inference EN 5
NOVA-410 Biological Conesequences of Selection EN 5
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I EN 5
PPAF400 Philosophy of Science Action Research EN, NO 10
PPFO401 Qualitative Method EN 15
PPFO402 The Way of the Researcher EN, NO 10
PPUB401 Perspectives on Science and Technology Education EN 5
PPUN400 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Scientific Staff NO 10
SDP405 Framing the PhD EN 5
SDP406 Academic Writing and publishing EN 5
SDP415 Theory of science for environment, development and planning studies EN 5
SDP416 Critical realism in environment, development and planning studies EN 5
SDP420 Urban Morphology, an interdisciplinary approach to studies in urban planning and development EN 5
VET400 Introduction to ethical and philosophical perspectives in biomedical research EN 5
VET403 Scientific publication EN 1
VET411 Introduction to veterinary epidemiology EN 7.5
VET414 Applied statistics for experimental and laboratory oriented studies in veterinary science EN, NO 5
VET420 Writing the PhD thesis EN, NO 2
VET421 Midterm evaluation EN, NO 3
VET433 Research stay 6