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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
SPE-B-AKVA Special Syllabus 0
FYS007 Preparatory Physics NO 0
TEST-TP-OPPM Test timeplan oppmøte 0
SPE-B-DS Special Syllabus 0
SPE-B-HV Special Syllabus 0
SPE-B-MINA Special Syllabus 0
PPRA201 Teaching Practice NO 0
PPRA200 Teaching Practice NO 0
INF221 Computer Science for Data Scientists EN 10
INF200 Advanced Programming EN 10
INF120 Programming and Data Processing NO 10
HFX253 Swine and Poultry Production NO 10
IND220 Innovation Enterprise NO 10
IND210 Industrial Management NO 10
HFX255 Sustainable Dairy and Beef Production NO 10
INF250 Image Analysis EN, NO 10
HFX225 Dogs: Breeding, Nutrition and Ethology NO 10
HFX201 Physiology NO 10
INF230 Data Processing and Analysis EN, NO 10
JORD210 GIS and Dynamic Modelling in Soils EN 10
JORD200 Soils in Natural Environments - Field and Laboratory Course EN 10
KJM240 Analytical Chemistry NO 10
MATH111 Calculus 1 NO 10
MATH100 Introductory Mathematics NO 10
LAD202 3D Computer Modelling for Landscape Architecture NO 10
LAA231 Sustainable Green Space Management – The Landscape Planner as an influencer NO 10
LAA216 Construction Technique NO 10
LAA115 Introduction to Landscape Architecture I NO 10
KJM230 Physical Chemistry NO 10
HFH255 Equine Science NO 10
KJM220 Water Chemistry NO 10
KJM211 Organic Chemistry Addition NO 10
KJM120 Inorganic Chemistry NO 10
KJM110 Organic Chemistry NO 10
KJM100 General Chemistry NO 10
KJB200 Biochemistry NO 10
JUS310 Land law NO 10
HFX132 Livestock Biology NO 10
ZOOL250 Behavioural Ecology NO 10
HFE200 General Nutrition EN 10
FYS230 Electrical Engineering NO 10
EDS272 Development Challenges in Rural India EN 10
EDS285 Global Food Systems and Food Security EN 10
EDS333 Practicum EN 10
EIE100 Introduction to Real Estate II NO 10
EIE105 Introduction to Mapping and Surveying NO 10
EIE200 Land Administration NO 10
EIE202 History of Norwegian property rights and tenure systems NO 10
EIE222 Real Estate Valuation NO 10
FORNY100 Energy, Environment and Society NO 10