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Course id Course titlesort descending Teaching language ECTS credits
FMI310 Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology EN 10
MILJØ410 Environmental Radiobiology EN 5
MILJØ302 Environmental Sciences NO 5
FHV320 Epidemiology and Geographical Information Systems NO 15
HFH255 Equine Science NO 10
BIO223 Evolutionary Biology NO 10
PPXP100 Ex. Paed. NO 10
PHI100 Examen Philosophicum NO 10
PHI102 Examen Philosophicum - English Option EN 10
PHI101 Examen Philosophicum - Seminar NO 10
BUS133 Excel for Business NO 5
BUS133F Excel for Business - Online version NO 5
BUS134-B Excel in Managerial Accounting NO 7.5
FHV371 Exchange - Public Health EN 10
HFE314 Experimental Animal Nutrition and Physiology EN, NO 10
HFE414 Experimental animal nutrition and physiology EN, NO 10
BIO233 Experimental Environmental Microbiology NO 10
FYS103 Experimental methods and data analysis NO 5
BIO332 Experimental Molecular Microbiology EN, NO 10
KJM351 Experimental Radioecology EN 10
IND300 Experts in Teamwork NO 5
ECOL340 Exploring and Analyzing Data in Ecology and Natural Resource Management EN 5
EIE320 Expropriation, Public land aquisition NO 10
KJM210 Extended Organic Chemistry NO 20
DYR207 External Clinical Practice NO 35
EDS426 Extraction ethnographies EN 5
HFE205 Feed and Feedstuffs in Animal Production NO 15
HFE305 Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 10
HFX306 Feeding and Production Diseases in Cattle NO 5
EDS381 Feminist and Critical IR Theory EN 10
MVI321 Fermentation Microbiology EN, NO 5
JORD231 Fertilization Planning NO 5
VANN311 Field Course in Alpine Limnology EN, NO 5
EIE304 Field Work in Property Subjects NO 10
DYR211 Final External Clinical Practice NO 16.5
BUS220 Finance and Investment NO 10
BUS327 Financial Crisis: History and Theory EN 5
BUS322 Financial Investment and Risk Management EN 10
NATF240 Fish Ecology and Management NO 10
AQX201 Fish Health Biology NO 10
BIO314 Fish Physiology and Aquatic Adaptations EN, NO 5
MVI320 Fish Processing Technology NO 10
BUS325 Fixed Income Instruments EN, NO 10
TPS200 Fluid Mechanics 1: Introduction NO 10
TPS210 Fluid Mechanics 2: Engineering NO 10
MVI202 Food chemistry NO 5
ECN263 Food Industry Economics NO 5
MVI220 Food Microbiology NO 10
MVI385 Food Product Development EN, NO 10
VET309 Food Safety NO 19.5