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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
EDS305 Development Theory and Politics EN 10
EDS306 Sustainability Science: Ecological, Social, and Economic Dimensions EN 10
EDS313 Internship EN, NO 10
EDS330 Political Ecology EN 10
EDS333 Practicum EN 10
EDS348 Global Environmental Governance EN 10
EDS352 Agroecology and Development EN 10
EDS355 Climate Change and Society EN 10
FYS474 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS473 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
GEO220 Hydrogeology EN, NO 10
FYS488 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
KJM314 Applied Organic Analytical Chemistry EN, NO 10
JORD200 Soils in Natural Environments - Field and Laboratory Course EN 10
JORD210 GIS and Dynamic Modelling in Soils EN 10
JORD310 Soil Pollution and Sustainability EN, NO 10
JORD330 Soil Health and Sustainable Soil Management EN, NO 10
KBMINT300 Internship EN, NO 10
KJB310 Protein Chemistry EN, NO 10
KJB420 Proteomics II EN, NO 10
KJM310 Chromatography EN, NO 10
KJM311 Organic Spectroscopy EN, NO 10
KJM312 Natural Product Chemistry EN, NO 10
KJM313 Mass Spectrometry EN, NO 10
KJM350 Radiochemistry EN, NO 10
INN325 Student-driven Education EN 10
KJM351 Experimental Radioecology EN 10
KJM360 Assessing Risk to Humans and the Environment EN 10
KJM410 Organic Mass Spectrometry (MS) EN, NO 10
LAA313 Physical Environments - Use and Experiences EN, NO 10
MILJØ300 Global Change of the Earth System EN, NO 10
MATH401 Modern Applied Mathematics EN 10
MATH290 Real analysis, sustainable teaching of mathematics EN 10
MATH285 Optimization EN 10
MATH280 Applied Linear Algebra EN 10
MATH270 Complex Analysis and Transformation Methods EN 10
MATH250 Partial Differential Equations and Models EN 10
MLA210 Machine Learning applications in finance and technology EN, NO 10
INF250 Image Analysis EN, NO 10
GEO100 Geology EN 10
HFA304 Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 10
ECN472 Climate Economics EN 10
GEO300 Advanced Hydrogeology EN, NO 10
GEO310 Paleoenvironment and Climate Change EN 10
GLA303 Landscape in a Globalised World: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives EN 10
GMBB300 Remote Sensing, Raster Graphics and Landscape Visualisation EN, NO 10
GMGD310 Physical Geodesy EN, NO 10
GMGI300 Geographical Database Systems EN 10
MVI361 Unit Operations EN, NO 10
HET401 Individual PhD Course in Ethology EN, NO 10