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Course id Course titlesort ascending Teaching language ECTS credits
FORNY305 Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems EN 10
JORD200 Soils in Natural Environments - Field and Laboratory Course EN 10
JORD310 Soil Pollution and Sustainability EN, NO 10
JORD330 Soil Health and Sustainable Soil Management EN, NO 10
HFX256 Small Ruminants: Breeding, Nutrition and Ethology EN, NO 5
DAT320 Sequential and time series data analysis EN 10
MVI240 Sensory Science EN, NO 5
MVI340 Sensory and Consumer Science EN, NO 5
BIN310 Selected Topics in Microbial Genomics EN, NO 10
BIN315 Selected Topics in Functional Genomics EN 10
STIN370 Selected topics in bioinformatics and applied statistics EN, NO 5
EDS372 Security Studies EN 10
VET403 Scientific publication EN 2
MVI395 Safety in industrial processes EN, NO 10
AQF220 Safety and Human Health Effects of Aquatic Food EN 7.5
EDS389 Ruling the world by numbers: knowledge and politics in international development EN 5
TEL211 Robot programming EN, NO 10
BIO350 RNA in situ RNA Hybridization Techniques EN, NO 5
ECOL350 Restoration Ecology EN 5
INF205 Resource-efficient programming EN 5
THT291 Resource recovery from waste and circular economy EN 5
ECN305 Research Methods in Economics EN 5
EDS312 Research Methods EN 15
EDS415 Research methodology in PhD projects: Research design and methodological choices with a focus on qualitative research EN 5
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I EN 5
MINA400 Research Education Across Disciplines EN 5
FORNY360 Renewable Energy Systems Analysis EN 10
GMBB300 Remote Sensing, Raster Graphics and Landscape Visualisation EN, NO 10
EDS376 Religion, Politics and Islam EN 10
STAT200 Regression Analysis EN 5
MATH290 Real analysis, sustainable teaching of mathematics EN 10
KJM350 Radiochemistry EN, NO 10
AOS340 Qualitative Methods EN 5
PPFO401 Qualitative Method EN 15
KJB420 Proteomics II EN, NO 10
KJB320 Proteomics I EN, NO 5
KJB430 Protein redox chemistry EN, NO 4
KJB310 Protein Chemistry EN, NO 10
FHV353 Project Plan for Master's Thesis in Public Health Science EN, NO 5
IND400 Project Management for PhD candidates, veterinarian research students and Residents EN, NO 2
AQP211 Production Technology in Aquaculture EN 10
AQQ253 Product Quality in Aquaculture EN 5
MVI261 Process Technology II EN 5
AQF200 Primary Production - Aquaculture and Fisheries EN 7.5
EDS333 Practicum EN 10
MVI386 Practical Dairy Technology EN, NO 5
ECN352 Poverty and Inequality EN 10
MINA411 Poster at an International Conference EN 1
KBM411 Poster at a conference EN 1
BIO321 Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution EN 10