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Course id Course titlesort descending Teaching language ECTS credits
BIOEC350 Biologically based production, industrial processes and markets EN, NO 10
BIN303 Biometrical Methods in Breeding EN, NO 5
BIN403 Biometrical Methods in Breeding EN, NO 5
TBA150 Building Analysis EN, NO 5
MVI382B Cereal Technology EN, NO 5
FYS373 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS473 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
JORD213 Chemical and Physical Soil Analysis EN, NO 5
MVI393 Chemical Food Safety EN, NO 5
KJM310 Chromatography EN, NO 10
LAA290 CityStudio Oslo EN 30
EDS355 Climate Change and Society EN 10
ECN472 Climate Economics EN 10
ECN372 Climate Economics EN 10
ECN372F Climate Economics - Online version EN 10
MATH270 Complex Analysis and Transformation Methods EN 10
FYS488 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
FYS388 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
PHO302 Computational Photonics EN 5
INF221 Computer Science for Data Scientists EN 10
NATF300 Conservation Biology EN 5
AOS325 Contemporary Organisations EN 10
BUS335 Corporate Strategy - Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions EN 10
BUS362 Corporate Tax and Sustainability EN 7.5
ECN271 Cost Benefit Project Evaluation and Environmental Valuation EN 10
BIO325 CRISPR genome editing EN 10
SDP416 Critical realism in environment, development and planning studies EN 5
MVI383A Dairy Technology EN, NO 15
MVI483 Dairy Technology EN, NO 10
INF230 Data Processing and Analysis EN, NO 10
DAT390 Data Science Seminar EN 10
EDS341 Decolonial Theory EN 5
STAT210 Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance EN 5
ECN350 Development and Global Change EN 10
ECN450 Development and Global Change EN 10
INN352 Development and Implementation of Information Systems EN 5
EDS272 Development Challenges in Rural India EN 10
EDS305 Development Theory and Politics EN 10
BIO320 Developmental Biology EN, NO 5
MVI291 Diet and Health EN, NO 5
TIN300 Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology 3 (Specialization) EN, NO 5
HFX315 Digital Technology in Animal Production EN 10
MTH300 E-learning Course: Planning and Scientific Writing of a Master's Thesis in Natural Sciences EN, NO 5
ZOOL300 Ecological Entomology EN, NO 10
ECOL302 Ecological Research EN 5
NATF320 Ecology and Management of Natural Resources in the Tropics EN 10
ECOL201 Ecology Essay EN, NO 5
ECN301 Econometric Methods EN 10
ECN201 Econometrics EN 10
ECN330 Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization EN 10