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Course id Course title Teaching languagesort ascending ECTS credits
ECN304 Behavioral and Experimental Economics EN 10
ECN305 Research Methods in Economics EN 5
ECN306 Economics of Sustainability EN 5
ECN311 Microeconomics III EN 10
ECN320 International Macroeconomics EN 5
ECN330 Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization EN 10
ECN333 Internship in Economics EN 5
ECN334 Internship in Economics EN 10
ECN350 Development and Global Change EN 10
ECN352 Poverty and Inequality EN 10
ECN372 Climate Economics EN 10
ECN372F Climate Economics - Online version EN 10
ECN375 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - Theory and Applications EN 10
ECN376 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - Applications EN 5
ECN380 Energy Markets and Regulation EN 10
ECN400 Topics in environmental economics I EN 5
ECN401 Topics in environmental economics II EN 10
ECN410 Microeconomic Theory EN 10
ECN450 Development and Global Change EN 10
ECN472 Climate Economics EN 10
ECOL200 General Ecology EN, NO 10
ECOL201 Ecology Essay EN, NO 5
ECOL302 Ecological Research EN 5
ECOL310 Global Change Ecology EN 5
ECOL330 Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Conservation EN 5
ECOL340 Exploring and Analyzing Data in Ecology and Natural Resource Management EN 5
ECOL350 Restoration Ecology EN 5
ECOL380 The Ecology and Management of Rivers and Lakes EN 10
EDS101 Introduction to Environment and Development EN 5
EDS102 Introduction to Development Thinking EN 15
EDS104 Environmental and Sustainability Science EN 10
EDS115 Introduction to Research Methods EN 10
EDS130 Introduction to Political Ecology EN 10
EDS201 Introduction to Development Studies EN 5
EDS203 Introduction to International Relations EN 5
EDS210 Environment, Development and Climate Change in Tanzania EN 10
EDS225 Linking Ecological and Social Resilience EN 10
EDS230 Global Development and Aid EN 10
EDS245 Human Rights and Development EN 10
EDS260 Global Environmental Changes EN 5
EDS271 Introduction to Gender and Development EN 10
EDS272 Development Challenges in Rural India EN 10
EDS276 Writing Seminar EN 5
EDS285 Global Food Systems and Food Security EN 10
EDS303 Introduction to International Environmental Studies EN 5
EDS305 Development Theory and Politics EN 10
EDS306 Sustainability Science: Ecological, Social, and Economic Dimensions EN 10
EDS312 Research Methods EN 15
EDS313 Internship EN, NO 10
EDS315 Governance of Plant Genetic Resources and Seeds: Laws, Policies and Practices EN 5