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Course idsort ascending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
ZOOL310 Behavioural and Population Ecology EN, NO 10
ZOOL300 Ecological Entomology EN, NO 10
VETFORSK410 Introduction to Biostatistics EN 3
VET421 Midterm evaluation EN, NO 3
VET420 Writing the PhD thesis EN, NO 2
VET414 Applied statistics for experimental and laboratory oriented studies in veterinary science EN, NO 5
VET411 Introduction to veterinary epidemiology EN 7.5
VET403 Scientific publication EN 2
VET400 Introduction to ethical and philosophical perspectives in biomedical research EN 5
VET340 Wildlife and Exotic Pet Medicine EN, NO 1
VANN311 Field Course in Alpine Limnology EN, NO 5
VANN300 Water Pollution EN, NO 10
TMP261 Heat and Flow Simulation EN 5
TIN300 Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology 3 (Specialization) EN, NO 5
THT320 Environmental Analysis EN, NO 5
THT313 Water Management in Cold Climate EN 5
THT311 Water & Wastewater Treatment (special topics) EN 10
THT310 Advanced water and wastewater treatment engineering EN 15
THT291 Resource recovery from waste and circular economy EN 5
THT271 Basics of water and wastewater treatment technology EN 10
TEL280 Mobile robots and navigation EN 10
TEL211 Robot programming EN, NO 10
TEL200 Introduction to robotics EN, NO 10
TBM120 Mechanics of Materials and Structural Engineering Basics EN 10
TBA390 Timber Engineering EN 10
TBA224 Structural Design of Buildings II EN 10
TBA150 Building Analysis EN, NO 5
STIN370 Selected topics in bioinformatics and applied statistics EN, NO 5
STIN300 Statistical Programming in R EN, NO 5
STAT351 Statistical Theory EN 10
STAT340 Applied Methods in Statistics EN, NO 10
STAT210 Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance EN 5
STAT200 Regression Analysis EN 5
SKOG304 Forest Ecology EN, NO 10
SDP420 Urban Morphology, an interdisciplinary approach to studies in urban planning and development EN, NO 5
SDP416 Critical realism in environment, development and planning studies EN 5
SDP415 Theory of science for environment, development and planning studies EN 5
SDP406 Academic Writing and publishing EN 5
SDP405 Framing the PhD EN 5
SDG302 Sustainable plant production EN, NO 5
SDG300 Sustainable Development Goals in Plant and Animal Food Systems EN 5
REIS300 Nature-Based Tourism EN 10
REIS200 Tourism Management EN 5
PPVE400 Master and phd supervision EN, NO 5
PPUB401 Perspectives on Science and Technology Education EN 5
PPFO402 The Way of the Researcher EN, NO 10
PPFO401 Qualitative Method EN 15
PLV340 Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships EN, NO 5
PLV330 Insect-Plant Relationships EN 5
PLV321 Plant Pathology and Resistance Breeding EN, NO 10