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Course id Course titlesort descending Teaching language ECTS credits
ECN101 Economics for Environment and Development EN 10
ECN253 Economics of Development and Poverty EN 5
ECN306 Economics of Sustainability EN 5
FMI330 Effects and Biomarker Methods in Ecotoxicology EN 5
FYS474 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS374 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS236 Electrodynamics EN, NO 5
HFX407 Emissions and Microbiota: a path to sustainable animal production EN 5
HFX307 Emissions and Microbiota: a path to sustainable animal production EN 5
BUS323 Energy and Commodity Market Analysis EN 10
EDS349 Energy and Society EN 5
FORNY240 Energy Distribution and Storage Systems EN 5
ECN280 Energy Economics EN 10
ECN380 Energy Markets and Regulation EN 10
INN351 Enterprise Architecture for the Digital Age EN 5
EDS430 Environment and Development Studies for and by PhD Students EN 10
EDS210 Environment, Development and Climate Change in Tanzania EN 10
THT320 Environmental Analysis EN, NO 5
EDS104 Environmental and Sustainability Science EN 10
FMI312 Environmental Exposures and Human Health EN, NO 10
APL380 Environmental Governance for Planning EN 10
BUS311 Environmental Management and Sustainability Reporting EN 5
FMI310 Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology EN 10
MILJØ410 Environmental Radiobiology EN 5
PHI102 Examen Philosophicum - English Option EN 10
FHV371 Exchange - Public Health EN 10
HFE414 Experimental animal nutrition and physiology EN, NO 10
HFE314 Experimental Animal Nutrition and Physiology EN, NO 10
BIO332 Experimental Molecular Microbiology EN, NO 10
KJM351 Experimental Radioecology EN 10
ECOL340 Exploring and Analyzing Data in Ecology and Natural Resource Management EN 5
EDS426 Extraction ethnographies EN 5
HFE305 Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 10
EDS381 Feminist and Critical IR Theory EN 10
MVI321 Fermentation Microbiology EN, NO 5
VANN311 Field Course in Alpine Limnology EN, NO 5
BUS327 Financial Crisis: History and Theory EN 5
BUS322 Financial Investment and Risk Management EN 10
BIO314 Fish Physiology and Aquatic Adaptations EN, NO 5
BUS325 Fixed Income Instruments EN, NO 10
MVI385 Food Product Development EN, NO 10
PJH212 Forage and Seed Crops EN, NO 10
EDS377 Foreign Policy EN 10
SKOG304 Forest Ecology EN, NO 10
SDP405 Framing the PhD EN 5
BIO327 From gene to function in plants EN 10
MVI392 Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology EN, NO 5
EDS370 Gender and Development EN 5
HFE200 General Nutrition EN 10
ECOL200 General Ecology EN, NO 10