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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
VET340 Wildlife and Exotic Pet Medicine EN, NO 1
ZOOL310 Behavioural and Population Ecology EN, NO 10
FYS390 Physics seminar EN 10
FORN360 Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems EN 10
FYS301 Light and Biological Material EN 10
FYS373 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS374 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS377 Digital electrical power systems EN, NO 10
FYS388 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
GEO300 Advanced Hydrogeology EN, NO 10
FMI312 Environmental Exposures and Human Health EN, NO 10
GEO310 Paleoenvironment and Climate Change EN, NO 10
GLA305 The Right to Landscape - Human Rights and Development EN 10
GMBB300 Remote Sensing, Raster Graphics and Landscape Visualisation EN, NO 10
GMGI300 Geographical Database Systems EN, NO 10
HFA300 Animal Breeding Plans EN, NO 10
HFA301 Calculation of Breeding Values EN, NO 10
FORN330 Renewable Energy Systems Analysis EN 10
FMI309 Environmental Pollutants and Ecotoxicology EN 10
HFE305 Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 10
EDS373 Piracy and International Relations EN 10
EDS350 Environmental History EN 10
EDS352 Agroecology and development EN 10
EDS355 Climate Change and Development EN 10
EDS365 Coastal, Marine and Aquatic Resources EN 10
EDS371 Introduction to Intelligence Studies and International Relations EN 10
EDS372 Current Topics in Security Studies EN 10
EDS374B International Relations Theory EN 10
FHV371 Exchange - Public Health EN 10
EDS376 Religion, Politics and Islam EN 10
EDS377 Foreign Policy EN 10
EDS379 Global Political Economy EN 10
EDS381 Feminist and Critical IR Theory EN 10
EDS383 Urban Space and Violence: EN 10
FHV365 Global Health Field School in Tanzania EN 10
HFA304 Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 10
HFE310 Management of Production, Risk and Innovation in Feed Production EN 10
HFE308 Optimalization of Feed Processing for Different Animal Species EN 10
REIS300 Nature-Based Tourism EN 10
MVI385 Food Product Development EN, NO 10
MVI395 Safety in industrial processes EN, NO 10
NATF320 Ecology and Management of Natural Resources in the Tropics EN 10
PJH340 Quality in Food Plants EN, NO 10
PJH350 Applied Plant Physiology in Greenhouses EN, NO 10
PLV321 Plant pathology and resistance breeding EN, NO 10
SKS300 Forest Ecology EN, NO 10
MVI361 Unit Operations and Measurement Methods EN, NO 10
STAT321 Theoretical Statistics I EN 10
STAT340 Applied Methods in Statistics EN 10
STAT360 Theoretical Statistics II EN, NO 10