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Course id Course title Teaching languagesort descending ECTS credits
AOS334 Organization Design EN, NO 5
AOS336 Reputation Management EN, NO 5
APL360 Planning for sustainable urban regions EN 15
APL380 Environmental Governance for Planning EN 10
AQB270 Aquaculture - Breeding and Genetics EN 5
AQN251 General Aquaculture - Nutrition EN 10
AQN350 Aquaculture Nutrition EN 10
AQP350 Planning and Design of Intensive Fish Farms EN 10
AQX251 General Aquaculture - Animal Welfare and Health in Farmed Fish EN 5
BIN300 Statistical Genomics EN 10
BIN310 Selected topics in genome analysis EN, NO 10
BIN315 Selected Topics in Functional Genomics EN, NO 10
BINT300 Internship plant sciences EN, NO 10
BINT301 Internship animal science EN, NO 10
BINT302 Internship aquaculture EN, NO 10
BINT303 Internship feed manufactoring technology EN, NO 10
BIO300 Microscopy Techniques EN, NO 10
BIO301 Advanced Cell Biology EN, NO 10
BIO314 Fish Physiology and Aquatic Adaptations EN, NO 5
BIO320 Developmental Biology EN, NO 5
BIO321 Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution EN 10
BIO322 Molecular Genomics EN, NO 10
BIO324 Plant adaptation EN, NO 10
BIO330 Microbial Ecology and Physiology EN, NO 10
BIO332 Experimental Molecular Microbiology EN, NO 10
BIO334 Virology EN 5
BIO335 Applied Biocatalysis and Biorefining EN, NO 5
BIO336 Mycology EN, NO 5
BIO337 Biogas technology EN, NO 5
BIO340 Bioethics EN, NO 5
BIO350 RNA in situ RNA Hybridization Techniques EN, NO 5
BIO351 Geneticallly Modified Plants - Case Study EN, NO 5
BOT320 Advanced Course in Plant Developmental Physiology EN 10
BOT340 Photobiology EN, NO 10
BUS311 Environmental Management and Sustainability Reporting EN 5
BUS313 Strategic Management Accounting EN, NO 10
BUS315 Corporate Finance and Valuation EN 10
BUS322 Financial Investment and Risk Management EN 10
BUS323 Energy and commodity market analysis EN 10
BUS325 Fixed Income Instruments EN, NO 10
BUS326 Applied Financial Econometrics. EN, NO 10
BUS327 Financial Bubbles, Crashes and Crisis EN 5
BUS335 Corporate Strategy - Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances EN 10
BUS340 Supply Chain Management EN, NO 10
BUS360 Taxes, Inequality, and Sustainability I EN 5
BUS361 Taxes, Inequality, and Sustainability II EN, NO 5
DAT300 Applied Machine Learning II EN 10
DAT390 Data Science Seminar EN 10
ECN301 Econometric Methods EN 10
ECN302 Mathematics for Economists EN 5