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Course idsort descending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
M60-KB Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-KJEMI Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-MAT Master's Thesis 60
MTH300 E-learning Course: Planning and Scientific Writing of a Master's Thesis in Natural Sciences EN, NO 5
MUA310 Urban pollutants and chemical food safety EN, NO 5
MVI100 Introduction to Food Science and Nutrition NO 10
MVI202 Food chemistry NO 5
MVI220 Food Microbiology NO 10
MVI230 Food Safety and Hygiene NO 5
MVI240 Sensory Science EN, NO 5
MVI250 Packaging Technology NO 5
MVI261 Process Technology II EN 5
MVI273 Milk and Milk Processing NO 10
MVI274 Muscle Food- Science and Technology NO 10
MVI275 Unprocessed Edible Plants NO 10
MVI276 Brewing NO 5
MVI280 Process Technology I NO 5
MVI291 Diet and Health EN, NO 5
MVI292 The Immune System, Food and Health EN 10
MVI310 Macronutrients, Their Structure and Functionality EN, NO 10
MVI321 Fermentation Microbiology EN, NO 5
MVI322 Pathogenic Microorganisms EN, NO 10
MVI340 Sensory and Consumer Science EN, NO 5
MVI361 Unit Operations EN, NO 10
MVI381 Current Challenges in Meat Production NO 10
MVI382A Alcoholic Beverages EN, NO 5
MVI382B Cereal Technology EN, NO 5
MVI383A Dairy Technology EN, NO 15
MVI385 Food Product Development EN, NO 10
MVI386 Practical Dairy Technology EN, NO 5
MVI387 Milkbased Ingredients EN, NO 5
MVI392 Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology EN, NO 5
MVI393 Chemical Food Safety EN, NO 5
MVI395 Safety in industrial processes EN, NO 10
MVI483 Dairy Technology EN, NO 10
SPE-M-BIOTEK Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-KJEMI Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-MAT Special Syllabus 0
STAT100 Statistics NO 10
STAT101 Project based introduction to statistics NO 10
STAT200 Regression Analysis EN 5
STAT210 Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance EN 5
STAT340 Applied Methods in Statistics EN, NO 10
STAT351 Statistical Theory EN 10
STIN100 Biological Data Analysis NO 10
STIN300 Statistical Programming in R EN, NO 5
STIN370 Selected topics in bioinformatics and applied statistics EN, NO 5