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Course idsort ascending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
ZOOL310 Behavioural and Population Ecology EN, NO 10
ZOOL300 Ecological Entomology EN, NO 10
ZOOL250 Behavioural Ecology NO 10
ZOOL240 Entomology II NO 10
ZOOL220 Entomology NO 5
ZOOL210 Vertebrates NO 10
ZOOL100 General Zoology NO 5
VU-VET310 The veterinary practitioner and modern cattle management, husbandry and surgery ¿ a module course NO 10
VU-STAT100 Statistics NO 10
VU-PPUV210 Exploring science centers II NO 15
VU-PPMD280 Further education in Mathematics with Didactics; Module 4 NO 10
VU-PPMD114 Further training in matemathics with didactics; Module 3 part 2 NO 10
VU-PPMD113 Further training in matemathics with didactics; Module 3 part 1 NO 10
VU-PPMD111 Further education in mathematics and mathematics didactics NO 15
VU-PPMD101 . NO 15
VU-PJH252 Greenhouse plant production - ll NO 5
VU-MVI390 Fresh milk Quality NO 10
VU-MVI387 Modern Milk Processing NO 10
VU-LAA330 grøntanlegg NO 5
VU-JUS300 Impact assessment of plans and projects NO 5
VU-HET102 Ethology in dogs, cats and horses NO 5
VU-EIE376 Property from A to Z NO 7.5
VU-EIE363 Property development, calculation and risk, master NO 7.5
VU-EIE276 Property from A to Z NO 7.5
VU-EIE270 Property understanding for spatial planners NO 7.5
VU-EIE263 Property development, calculation and risk, bachelor NO 7.5
VU-EIE262 Real Estate Law NO 7.5
VU-APL380 Regional planning and urban development NO 10
VU-AKUD150 Emergency- and intensive course for veterinary nurses NO 10
VL-REHAB Rehabilitering og fysioterapi for hund og katt NO 30
VL-OD Videreutdanning lav - Odontologi dpl NO 10
VL-ANED Videreutdanning lav anestesti NO 15
VH-NEVRPSYK Nevropsykologi og psykofarmakologi NO 5
VH-LAB Laboratory Animal Science For Research Workers NO 6
VH-ALVSMSYK Alvorlige smitsomme sykdommer NO 5
VETFORSK414 Applied Statistics for Experimental and Laboratory Studies in Veterinary Science EN, NO 5
VETFORSK411 Introduction to Veterinary Epidemiology 10
VETFORSK410 Introduction to Biostatistics EN 10
VETFORSK403 Scientific publication 1
VETFORSK400 Introduction to Ethical and Philosophical Perspectives in Biomedical Research EN 5
VETFORSK360 Laboratory Animal Science for Research Workers EN 6
VETFORS362-1 Midterm Evaluation 30
VETFORS361-4 Seminar 4 1
VETFORS361-3 Seminar 3 1
VETFORS361-2 Seminar 2 1
VETFORS361-1 Seminar 1 1
VETF361 Seminar NO 4
VET432 Oral presentation in an international forum NO 3
VET432 Oral presentation in an international forum NO 3
VET431 Oral presentation in a national forum NO 1.5
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