Course code NATF200

NATF200 Nature Conservation and Management in Norway

Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year starting in 2019 .

Course responsible: Anne Aslaug Sverdrup-Thygeson
ECTS credits: 5
Faculty: Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Teaching exam periods:
This course starts in January block. This course has teaching/evaluation in January block, .
Course frequency: Annually
First time: 2004V
Preferential right:
Course contents:
Progression from the history of and values forming the basis for nature conservation to the current challenges of practical conservation and management work in public and private sectors. The course also contains a series of special lectures from invited lecturers. A special focus is given to management of forest.
Learning outcome:

A candidate who has completed the qualification will: 

Knowledge:  The student will be able to describe and discuss the value base and history of  nature conservation, biological diversity in Norway, conservation biology and its application in natural resource management and protection of habitats and species under Norwegian conditions. 

Skills:  Students will learn to identify the main parts of the public and private management units responsible for nature conservation, especially in land use management, and to discuss their roles and scope. 

General competence:  The student will be able to discuss the value of biodiversity, nature and outdoor activities.

Learning activities:
Lectures, discussions, independent study.
Teaching support:
The candidate\'s learning can be supported through academic supervision during the teacher\'s office hours.
The curriculum consists of selected literature and everything that is covered in the lectures. An overview of the curriculum will be made available in Canvas. It is important to attend guest lectures.
Recommended prerequisites:
Mandatory activity:
Written examination (3 hours) at the end of the course.
Nominal workload:
Structured teaching: ca 36 hours. Students" own effort: ca 114 hours.
Entrance requirements:
Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse)
Reduction of credits:
Type of course:
Lectures, including guest lectures with discussion: ca 36 hours.
An external examiner is involved in developing and censoring the written exam
Allowed examination aids: A1 No calculator, no other aids
Examination details: One written exam: A - E / Ikke bestått