Course code M30-LUN

M30-LUN Master's Thesis

Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2022 - 2023 .

Course responsible: Edvin Østergaard
ECTS credits: 30
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology
Teaching exam periods:
Autumn and spring parallel.
Course frequency: Every semester.
First time: Study year 2014-2015
Course contents:
The master's thesis consists of an independent research project that is carried out in the last semester of the study and can be submitted as a monograph or scientific article. The student receives supervision in the research process from an appointed supervisor and (possible) co-supervisors. The supervision supports the independent process with advice on literature, methodology, data collection and possible laboratory work, and ensures research ethics guidelines are followed. The master's thesis is vocationally oriented within the educational sciences. We offer master's theses within all didactic subjects of science education.
Learning outcome:

After completing the master's thesis, the student should be able to:

- Carry out independent research and development work based on a research question.

- Use relevant theories and research methods as tools in the research work.

- Analyze and draw conclusions from an independently conducted research project.

- Communicate the project's research and experience-based knowledge (based on an independent research project) both in writing and orally.

- Read, understand and use research literature.

- Follow research ethics guidelines.

More specifically, the student should be able to:

• develop a problem statement/research question that is justified on the basis of relevance to the field and/or practice.

• delimit the task sufficiently so that it is feasible.

• apply recognized research approaches and methods that are relevant and reasoned

• evaluate the research work with regard to research ethics, including any necessary approvals from NSD

• discuss opportunities and challenges with method choices

• apply subject / vocational didactic theory and research literature that is relevant to the chosen research question

• work independently and possibly participate in relevant research groups

• write the master's thesis according to academic style and requirements, with a clear connection between the different parts of the thesis.

• analyze and discuss results and findings and justify how they have emerged

• answer and discuss issues/research questions with necessary reservations and implications.

Learning activities:

Independent work under supervision.

Master's degree forum with seminars in the spring semester.

Teaching support:
The student is normally entitled to supervision of 40 hours (including the supervisor's share of the marking).
Teaching materials developed individually.
Requires admission to NMBU master programme for teacher education. Normally, this subject is the last subject of the mater's thesis programme.
Recommended prerequisites:
Mandatory activity:
Approved Master`s contract between student and supervisor(s), with detailed progress plan, to be handed in at the Faculty before the project starts.
Written assignment with an oral defence, counts 100%.
Nominal workload:
900 hours
Type of course:

The students work full-time with the thesis in one semester.

Master's degree forum with seminars.

The internal and external examiner will participate in the assessment of the thesis and the oral examination.
Examination details: Term paper: Letter grades