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Course id Course titlesort ascending Teaching language ECTS credits
EDS275 Writing Seminar EN 10
AOS230 Work and organisational psychology NO 5
TRE200 Wood Technology I NO 5
TRE300 Wood Technology NO 15
FORN300 Wind and Hydropower - Resources, Profitability and Solutions NO 10
NATF330 Wildlife Management NO 10
NATF230 Wildlife Biology and Management NO 15
PLV340 Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships EN, NO 5
THT200 Water Technology for Landscape Planners NO 10
THT261 Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage NO 10
THT311 Water Resources Management and Treatment Technologies EN 10
VANN220 Water Resources and Water Supply NO 5
VANN301 Water Pollution II NO 5
VANN300 Water Pollution I EN, NO 15
THT300 Water Engineering NO 15
VL-ANED Videreutdanning lav anestesti NO 15
VL-OD Videreutdanning lav - Odontologi dpl NO 10
VET308 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology NO 15
VET307 Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology NO 24
ZOOL210 Vertebrates NO 10
PJH240 Vegetables and Potato - Biology and Cultivation NO 10
ILP420 Urban Morphology an interdisciplinary approach to studies in urban planning and development EN 5
PHG316 Urban Greening and Landscape Management NO 10
PJH205 Urban farming- Term paper NO 5
PJH105 Urban farming NO 5
MVI275 Unprocessed Edible Plants NO 10
LAA207 Universal Design NO 5
MVI361 Unit Operations and Measurement Methods EN, NO 10
IND240 Uncertainty Management in Projects NO 5
ECOL330 Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Conservation EN 5
ECOL110 Tropical Ecology and Biology EN 10
THT310 Treatment of water and wastewater: advanced course EN 15
THT271 Treatment of Water and Sewage: Basic course NO 10
THT272 Treatment of Water and Sewage- international: Basic course EN 10
REIS200 Tourism as Phenomenon and Industry NO 5
TRE210 Timber Industry NO 10
TBA390 Timber Engineering EN, NO 10
VET324 Thesis NO 15
VET325 Thesis NO 20
FYS102 Thermophysics and Electromagnetism NO 10
ILP415 Theory of science in development and planning studies EN 5
HFA304 Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 10
STAT360 Theoretical Statistics II EN, NO 10
STAT321 Theoretical statistics I EN, NO 10
BIO246 Thematic Essay in Plant Biotechnology/Plant Breeding EN, NO 5
PPFO402 The Way of the Researcher NO 10
VU-VET310 The veterinary practitioner and modern cattle management, husbandry and surgery ¿ a module course NO 10
LAA341 The urban landscape as a social arena NO 20
EDS348 The Politics and Governance of the Environment EN 10
MVI292 The Immune System, Food and Health EN, NO 10
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