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Course id Course titlesort descending Teaching language ECTS credits
VU-PPMD101 . NO 15
LAD202 3D Computer Modelling for Landscape Architecture EN 10
LAA321 3D Visualization of historic landscape NO 10
LNG240 Academic Writing EN, NO 10
ILP406 Academic Writing and publishing EN 5
BUS110 Accounting - Financial Reporting NO 10
BUS112 Accounting and Computing NO 5
BUS217 Accounting Structure, Regulation and Ethics NO 5
JUS201 Administrative Law NO 5
LAD302 Advanced 3D Tools for Design and Planning EN 5
BIO301 Advanced Cell Biology EN, NO 10
BOT320 Advanced Course in Plant Developmental Physiology EN 15
BIO420 Advanced Developmental Biology EN, NO 10
HFE306 Advanced Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 5
GEO300 Advanced Hydrogeology EN, NO 10
INF200 Advanced Programming EN, NO 10
ECN260 Agricultural Policy NO 10
EDS250 Agriculture and Development EN 10
EDS352 Agriculture, Development and the Environment EN 10
PAE302 Agroecology: Action Learning in Farming and Food Systems EN 30
PAE301 Agroecology: Working with the complexity of farming systems EN 5
TMPA210 Agrotechnology NO 5
GMFO320 Airborne Laser Scanning NO 10
MVI382A Alcoholic Beverages EN, NO 5
VH-ALVSMSYK Alvorlige smitsomme sykdommer NO 5
KJM240 Analytical Chemistry NO 10
DYR203 Anatomy and Physiology NO 10
VET301 Animal Biology NO 6
HFA300 Animal Breeding Plans EN, NO 10
VET305 Animal Nutrition NO 7.5
DYR213 Animal Welfare NO 5
BUS215 Annual Accounts NO 10
BUS216 Annual Accounts - Specific Accounting Topics NO 5
BUS200 Applied Cost Accounting NO 5
HET201 Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare NO 10
GMGD211 Applied Geomatics NO 10
MATH280 Applied Linear Algebra EN, NO 10
STAT340 Applied methods in statistics EN, NO 10
KJM314 Applied Organic Analytical Chemistry EN, NO 10
PJH350 Applied Plant Physiology in Greenhouses EN, NO 10
VETFORSK414 Applied Statistics for Experimental and Laboratory Studies in Veterinary Science EN, NO 5
VET414 Applied statistics for experimental and laboratory studies in veterinary science EN, NO 5
BUS333 Approaches to Management Accounting and Control NO 5
AQB270 Aquaculture - Breeding and Genetics EN 5
AQN350 Aquaculture Nutrition EN 10
AQX350 Aquaculture, Special Course EN 5
VET313 Aquatic Animal Medicine and Fish Health NO 7.5
AQF210 Aquatic Food Processing and Technology EN 7.5
AQF230 Aquatic Food Supply Chain Management, Environment and Resources EN 7.5
LAA350 Architecture, Urban Form and Development NO 20
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