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Capital letters and numbers
Course idsort descending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
AKVFIS06 Aquatic medicine and fish diseases NO 6
ALMSYKDL Principles of immunity and disease NO 21
ANAFYS07 Integrated anatomy and physiology NO 36
AOS120 Marketing NO 5
AOS130 Introduction to Organisation Theory NO 5
AOS230 The Psychology of Organisation and Leadership NO 5
AOS233 Strategic Processes and Decision-Making EN 10
AOS234 Leadership - Course for Student Representatives NO 10
AOS237 Business Strategy NO 10
AOS240 Research in Social Sciences NO 5
AOS320 Institutional Perspectives on Organizations NO 5
AOS331 Leadership and HRM NO 10
AOS332 Strategy Dynamics EN 10
AOS333 Organization Theory NO 5
AOS335 Organisational Change NO 10
AOS336 Reputation Management NO 5
AOS340 Qualitative Methods NO 5
APL100 Introduction to the Professions of Land Use Planning NO 10
APL100 Introduction to the Professions of Land Use Planning NO 5
APL103 History of Urban and City Planning NO 15
APL108 Introduction to Spatial Planning NO 5
APL240 Environment and Planning, Part 1 NO 5
APL241 Environment and Planning, Part 2 NO 5
APL250 Local Planning NO 15
APL260 Metropolitan Areas in Europe NO 5
APL330 Planning Theory - Advanced course NO 10
APL350 Projects´ Initiation and Implementation in Urban Development NO 15
APL360 Regional Planning EN, NO 15
APL411 Critical Realism, Environmentalism, Interdisciplinarity and the Critique of Economics EN 5
APL415 Theory of Science in Spatial Planning, Landscape Architecture and Land Management EN 5
AQB200 General Breeding EN 10
AQB270 Aquaculture - Breeding and Genetics EN 5
AQF200 Primary Production -Aquaculture and Fisheries EN 7.5
AQF210 Aquatic Food Processing and Technology EN 7.5
AQF220 Safety and Human Health Effects of Aquatic Food EN 7.5
AQF230 Aquatic Food Supply Chain Management, Environment and Resources EN 7.5
AQN251 General Aquaculture - Nutrition EN 10
AQN350 Aquaculture Nutrition EN 10
AQP211 Production Technology in Aquaculture EN 10
AQP350 Planning and Design of Intensive Fish Farms EN 10
AQQ253 Product Quality in Aquaculture EN 5
AQT251 Laboratory Course in International Aquaculture, part 1 EN 5
AQT252 Laboratory Course in International Aquaculture, Part 2 EN 5
AQT254 Basic Aquaculture Engineering EN 5
AQUAMT10 Master's degree thesis NO 60
AQX251 General Aquaculture - Animal Welfare and Health in Farmed Fish EN 10
AQX350 Aquaculture, Special Course EN 5
AT212 Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology EN 15
AT830 Arctic Environmental Pollution: Atmospheric Distribution and Processes EN 10
AT831 Arctic Environmental Pollution: Atmospheric Distribution and Processes EN 10
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