Course code BUS334

BUS334 Internship in Business and Administration

Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2022 - 2023 .

Course responsible: Silja Marianna Korhonen-Sande
ECTS credits: 10
Faculty: School of Economics and Business
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Teaching exam periods:
This course starts in Autumn parallell. This course has teaching/ evaluation in Autumn parallel. 
Course frequency: Annually
First time: Study year 2022-2023
Course contents:

This course trains the students in applying knowledge and skills from their specialization in business and administration studies in practice, and assists in developing relevant work experience. During the internship, the student will

- accomplish work tasks in the organization as defined in the project description (part of the internship contract)

- participate in learning activities at the Business School

- write and deliver a report where the student

  • formulates and motivates a problem relevant to the organization and generates insight into this problem with the help of research-based literature from the student's specialization studies in business and administration
  • reflects on personal professional development and how the knowledge and skills developed through the studies have contributed to accomplishing work tasks in the organization

To participate in this course, the student needs to identify and establish contact with a potensial internship organization (private or public sector) and sign an internship contract with this organization and the Business School. An important part of this contract is a project description, which defines the length of the internship, work tasks and deliveries, time schedule, milestones and a contact person in the organization. 

The student formulates the project description together with the contact person in the organization. The internship contract needs to be signed by the students and the potensial internship organization before the contract (including the project description) is sent to the course responsible for consideration latest in week 34 via Canvas. The course responsible   goes through the proposed internships in week 35. The study advisor enrolls the students whose internships have been approved latest in week 36.

Please notice that this course has a limited number of participants. Those students who have got an internship in the partnership organizations during spring 2022 will be prioritized. The rest of the places are reserved to the 2nd year students in M-ØA. To apply for these places, the students need to find their own internship organization. Assuming that the proposed internships match with the contents of the course and its learning goals, and the student has followed the instructions for internship contracts, the students will be enrolled in the course based on the date when the student has downloaded their internship contract (incuding the project description) for consideration at Canvas.  Internship is unpaid.

Learning outcome:


After an accomplished internship, the student has

  • increased insight in those practical challenges and opportunities in the organization and its external environment where the theories and methods in business and administration are applicable alone or together with other disciplines
  • developed knowledge in the theory and methods in business and administration through combining theory, method and work experience in practical problem solving


During the internship, the students has developed skills in

  • accomplishing work tasks as defined in the internship contract
  • work independently
  • apply knowledge in business and administration in practice
  • search, identify and internalize research-based knowledge applicable to problem solving in practice

General knowledge

  • written and oral communication
  • reflection on personal professional development
  • cooperation and coordination at work
Learning activities:

- Contracting

- Independent accomplishment of work tasks as defined in the project description. Internship can take place in a private or public sector organization. The student will work on tasks related to the student's specialization in the business and administration studies, and participate in the daily work to be familiar with the organization. 

- active participation in two digital seminars together with the other students and the course responsible at the beginning and end of the semester. The seminars will require preparations and support writing the final report. More information will be given at the course start.

- active participation in a digital midway seminar during the autumn semester where the students will present a draft of their final report. Those students who have got an internship in the partnership organizations during spring 2022 will replace the midway seminar with supervision with an internal supervisor from the Business School

- writing the final report. More information will be given at the course start.

Teaching support:
Canvas, joint seminars during the semester, feedback from the midwayseminar/ feedback from a supervisor, contact person from the internship organization
The student will develop a literature review relevant to the problem in the final report. In addition, literature related to the joint seminars. 
Bachelor in business administration. 
Recommended prerequisites:
Mandatory activity:

Portfolioassessment (passed/ fail) with two components:

- work tasks and deliveries in the internship organization 

- final report

Nominal workload:
250 hours.
Entrance requirements:

The course is for 2nd year students Master in Business and Administration program.

The internship contract (including the project description) must be approved before course enrollment.

Reduction of credits:
ECN334 (10 stp), ECN333 (5 stp), INN331 (10 stp)
Type of course:
Seminars, see learning activities.
An external examiner evaluates the syllabus and the assessment method
Examination details: Portfolio: Passed / Not Passed