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Course id Course title Teaching languagesort descending ECTS credits
BOT320 Advanced Course in Plant Developmental Physiology EN 10
BOT340 Photobiology EN, NO 10
BUS100 Cost Accounting, Fundamentals NO 5
BUS101 The Firm NO 5
BUS110 Accounting - Financial Reporting NO 10
BUS120 Personal Finance NO 5
BUS133 Excel for Business NO 5
BUS160 Tax Law for Economists NO 5
BUS180 Global Challenges II. Dilemmas and Business Opportunities EN 5
BUS210 Managerial Accounting and Budgeting NO 10
BUS215 Annual Accounts NO 10
BUS216 Annual Accounts - Specific Accounting Topics NO 5
BUS217 Accounting Structure, Regulation and Ethics NO 5
BUS220 Finance and Investment NO 10
BUS230 Operations Research NO 10
BUS234 Advanced Excel – Efficient Models for Business Management NO 5
BUS240 Operations Management NO 10
BUS260 Tax Law NO 10
BUS311 Environmental Management and Sustainability Reporting EN 5
BUS313 Strategic Management Accounting NO 10
BUS315 Corporate Finance and Valuation EN 10
BUS322 Financial Investment and Risk Management EN 10
BUS323 Energy and Commodity Market Analysis EN 10
BUS325 Fixed Income Instruments EN, NO 10
BUS326 Applied Financial Econometrics EN, NO 10
BUS327 Financial Bubbles, Crashes and Crisis EN 5
BUS332 Decision Analysis and Capital Budgeting NO 10
BUS335 Corporate Strategy - Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances EN 10
BUS340 Supply Chain Management EN, NO 10
BUS360 Taxes, Inequality, and Sustainability I EN 5
BUS361 Taxes, Inequality, and Sustainability II EN, NO 5
DAT110 Introduction to Data Analysis and -Visualisation NO 10
DAT121 Introduction Course for Data Scientists EN 5
DAT200 Applied Machine Learning EN 10
DAT300 Applied Machine Learning II EN 10
DAT310 Modern multivariate methods NO 5
DAT390 Data Science Seminar EN 10
DYR201 Animal behaviour and husbandry NO 10
DYR202 Laboratory Animal Science NO 10
DYR203 Anatomy and Physiology NO 10
DYR204 Infection biology and pharmaceutics NO 10
DYR205 Internal clinical practice 1 NO 20
DYR206 Veterinary Nursing and Related Subjects NO 25
DYR207 External Clinical Practice NO 35
DYR208 Professional Ethics NO 2
DYR209 Bachelor's thesis NO 15
DYR210 Research Methodology, Statistics and Scientific Writing NO 5
DYR211 Compulsory Clinical Practice in School Clinics 2 NO 16.5
DYR211 Compulsory Clinical Practice in School Clinics 2 NO 15
DYR214 Laboratory Diagnostics NO 5
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