Information for external examiners

Your tasks as an external examiner

  1. Contract. All external examiners must fill in the following form, which serves as a contract for the assignment as examiner:
    External examiner's duty confirmation

  2. Once this form/contract has been submitted, you will gain access to the necessary systems and the assessment can go ahead. You will receive further information about the practical implementation of the assessment from the internal examiner / course coordinator who has been in contact with you.

  3. For information on access to our systems and where you can find examination papers, refer to this webpage

  4. If the examination is carried out via the digital system WiseFlow, log in here to register grades.
    1. Examination start-up guide - general information on how to download answers, use examiner tools and register grades.
    2. How to register grades in WISEflow

 If the study course uses FagpersonWeb, please, log in to FagpersonWeb here to register grades. You need to use your Norwegian personal number and ID-port (BankID, MinID or BankID on mobile), not FEIDE. If you do not have Norwegian personal number, please, take a contact with study administration to activate your temporary NMBU user account.

FagpersonWeb - general information about log in

FagpersonWeb - assessment/gade registration guide


5. If the assessment is not carried out via our digital systems, you will receive further information from the internal examiner / course coordinator on how the assessment will be carried out.

6. Payment of fees and any travel expenses. When the assessment is completed, please fill out the following form: 

Examiner`s remuneration report

7. Contact. 
For questions regarding examination / registration, contact: 
For questions regarding payment of fees and travel expenses, contact:

Thank you!

Published 15. April 2021 - 20:50 - Updated 14. desember 2021 - 17:08