Honouring the doctors 2019 - 21

Immatrikulering, prosesjon august 2021


Welcome to this year’s celebration of NMBU’s new doctors at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, organised as a digital experience due to COVID-19 uncertainty and travel restrictions.

About this page

NMBU honour those conferred upon with a PhD degree between autumn 2019 and summer 2021. This web page is open to the public. You, and those you wish to share it with, can enter the experience at any time for the coming year from 17 September 2021 at 14:00 Central European Time (CET).

The web page includes similar elements found in a ceremony with physical presence, such as speeches, music, information about each NMBU doctor and a password-protected proforma diploma for display purposes.

The NMBU video salutation to the doctors:

The video honouring the doctors is a part of this year’s celebration of NMBU’s recently graduated doctors

Maren Anna Brandsrud awarded

Alf Bjørseth’s Inspiration Award 2021