OIKOS Norway 2023 - The 6th conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society (OIKOS)

Conference: Ecology on a used planet

February 13-15, 2023, NMBU, Ås, Norway

Human land use and activities have altered ecosystems across the planet. Understanding the drivers and impacts of biodiversity loss and climate change is essential to ensure sustainable use of the Earth’s limited resources.

The main topic of this conference is the dilemma between the society’s adaptation to climate change, such as development of green energy and the land use required, and at the same time conserve nature and biodiversity.


NB! Please note that there will be workshops on February the 13th. We welcome all to suggest topics and to organize workshops in particular aimed for young researchers.

We welcome all researchers, students, managers, policy-makers, government officials, members of the media, and anyone interested in ecology and the natural world.

Partners and sponsors

Programme - in progress

Programme contents will be published as they are confirmed.

13 Feb - Monday - Workshops

Time: 11.00 - 16.00 (approx)


Three or four workshops focusing on practical skills, sharing experiences and discussions. Topics and organizers:

  • Managing ecological data - based on LivingNorwayR
    Lead: Erlend Nilsen, NINA
  • Disseminating ecology - how to communicate ecology to the general public
    Lead: Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson, NMBU, Inger Auestad Sogndal, HVL
  • Young, promising scientists
    Agnes Holstad, NØF

We aim to announce 1-2 more workshop topics and organizers.

14 Feb - Tuesday - Conference day 1

Time: 9.00-18.00


  • Keynote: Professor emerita Lena Gustafsson
  • Keynote: Professor Richard Bischof
  • Parallell sessions where participants present their own work
  • Poster session
  • Conference dinner (evening)

15 Feb - Wednesday - Conference day 2

Time: 9.00-15.00


  • Keynote: Professor Ingmar Näslund
  • Parallel sessions where participants present their own work
  • Panel debate: the conflict between area use/carbon uptake and biodiversity
Keynote speakers

Richard Bischof

professor, NMBU

Richard is a wildlife ecologist, working at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

He and his team work on both applied and fundamental questions in ecology, with a special focus on developing methods that help us measure and understand processes that are difficult to observe directly. These include the spatial distribution and dynamics of elusive species such as large carnivores.

Richard is particularly interested in reconciling individual movements and fates with population-level phenomena.

Lena Gustafsson

professor emerita, SLU

Lena is a plant ecologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Lena’s research is directed towards biodiversity and conservation in forests, especially in evaluating and developing of knowledge on effects and efficiency of conservation actions, and how such can be combined with forest management.

She is interested in processes and structures that drive species dynamics in natural as well as managed forests, and how such insights can be used in conservation strategies.

Ingemar Näslund

Water management strategist at the County administration of Jämtlands län

Fish biologist educated at the university of Umeå. Research within the field of fish migration, fish life history and fish habitat management. PhD 1991 at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Since 1999 at the County administration been dealing with most issues connected to water management; habitat restoration, fishery management, the Water framework directive, mitigation of hydropower effects on aquatic ecosystems, environmental monitoring and environmental objectives. Since 2013 responsible for applications for funding of restoration projects (LIFE, national funding, etc).

Scientific commitee
Johan Asplund
professor, NMBU
Katrine Eldegard
professor, NMBU
Thrond Haugen
professor, NMBU
Kari Klanderud
professor, NMBU
Siri Lie Olsen
associate professor, NMBU
Rieke Lo Madsen
PhD candidate, NMBU
Anders Nielsen
Anders Nielsen
Head of Research, NIBIO
Linn Vassvik
PhD candidate, NMBU/NIBIO
Contact, registration and abstract submission

Conference registration opens in September.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 October, 2022.

We welcome a variety of contributions (orally or poster) to embrace the diversity of ecological research in Norway.

All queries, workshop suggestions and abstracts can be sent to: oikos2023@nmbu.no

Practical information

Location: The conference will take place at Vitenparken at NMBU's Campus (see map below).

Accommodation: We recommend either Ski, Drøbak or Oslo as place of accommodation.