PhD Education

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences has approximately 460 students who are working towards their PhD degrees.

The PhD programmes at NMBU aims to educate independent researchers with qualifications at a high international level, in cooperation with Norwegian and international research communities and in accordance with recognised scientific and ethical principles. The programme shall qualify the candidate for research activity and other work that demands considerable scientific insight and analytical thinking.

The PhD programme includes:

  1. an independent research effort in cooperation with a team of supervisors and, where relevant, other researchers
  2. an approved academic training component
  3. participation in active national and international research groups
  4. research dissemination that is closely related to the doctoral work
  5. compilation of a doctoral thesis based upon the research work

Admission is processed continuously throughout the year. The individual department is the formal admission authority.

To be admitted as a PhD candidate, the applicant must hold a Master’s degree or have an equivalent education approved by NMBU as the basis for admission.

The PhD programme shall be organised in such a way that it can be completed within the prescribed duration of three years of full-time study.

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