Welcome to the Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric.

Marianne Karlsson with colleagues from Cicero has published an article in Ecology and Society. It is an open access publication.

Did you know that jam and biscuit making can lead to a PhD? And did you know that a Norwegian pear variety (“Ingeborg”) was supposedly saved thanks to research collaboration with the University of Sarajevo?

Research by Noragric in New Scientist: "How conservation drives villagers to kill animals". The article is based on research carried out by Noragric’ s PhD candidate Sayuni Mariki, Dr. Hanne Svarstad and Prof. Tor A. Benjaminsen.

Rannveig Formo got her master degree in International Environmental Studies from Noragric in 2010. The same year she started as a trainee at GRID-Arendal. Now, four years later, she works as a Counsellor on Forest and Climate at the Norwegian Embassy in Jakata, Indonesia.


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