Welcome to the Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric.

Noragric female staff are invited to convene in Oslo to discuss challenges related to gender in academia

Article by Noor Elahi published in International Journal of Humanities and Social Science.

Visit to coincide with the official opening of the new NMBU Writing Centre and launch of 2015's NMBU Student Journal.

Rannveig Formo graduated from Noragric with an MSc in International Environment Studies.

Noragric graduate Stian Eisentäger on his career as a journalist in national newspaper Verdens Gang (VG).  

Al-Shabaab has taken responsibility for one of the deadliest attacks on students and on an academic institution.

Noor Elahi, Ingrid Nyborg & Bahadar Nawab published in the Forum for Development Studies.

Marianne Karlsson co-authored an article published in Global Environmental Change


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