Welcome to the Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric.

Head of Department, Poul Wisborg

On 8 October, the Norwegian government presented its public sector budget for 2015. One proposal is to introduce tuition fees in higher education for students coming from outside the EEA – effectively non-European students.

The main goal of this two-day conference, organised by Noragric, is to assess and summarize experiences that illuminate the importance of political processes in climate change adaptation.

Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis (VCA) and development is becoming more and more popular among the large multinational organizations, as well as within research. The goal with this 2-day training workshop was to introduce the concept of VCA and enable the participants to get basic knowledge on how to conduct value chain analysis.

Chirstin gave an interesting trial lecture and defended her thesis on "Effects of civil war on maternal and child health care in sub-Saharan Africa" very well.


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