International Environment and Development Studies (Noragric)

Noragric aspires to excellence in education, research and collaboration in interdisciplinary studies of development, international relations and the environment.


International Environment and Development Studies is a continuously evolving field of study. At Noragric, there is focus on social justice, environmental sustainability, ecological and social resilience, political ecology, natural resource management, resource conflicts, development policies and politics, the effects of planned development interventions and gender and development issues. Noragric offers five academic programmes.


Kickoff of the Horizon 2020 Project: Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform (ICT4COP)

The extensive project got underway with a 4-day workshop at Oscarsborg Fortress near Drøbak, attended by over 60 international participants from...

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Conflict, Human Security and Development (CHSD)

The Conflict, Human Security and Development (CHSD) cluster focuses on the links between conflict, human security and development, with a...

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Climate Change, Agriculture and Development (CC-AD)

The Climate Change, Agriculture and Development (CC-AD) cluster conducts research on the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in rural...

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Rights and Power in Development (RAPID)

 The Rights and Power in Development (RAPID) cluster works to further Noragric’s considerable experience in the fields of rights & power in ...

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Environmental Governance (ENGOV)

The Environmental Governance (ENGOV) cluster is a composite research group at the Department of International Environment and Development Studies...

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The examination committee has approved Hans's PhD thesis: "Development in a changing climate: Local impacts of India’s National Rural Employment...

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The project wrapped up with a recent dialogue meeting hosted by South Africa's Water Research Commission in Pretoria.

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Our research, education and institutional collaboration activities are focused primarily, but not exclusively, on developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

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