Welcome to the Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric.

PhD candidate Kjersti Thorkildsen has published an article in Human Ecology. The article is available open access.

Former M-IR student Anders Sundstøl Bjørkheim was awarded the prize for the university’s best master's thesis for 2013.

Welcome to all new Noragric students! During the introduction we met students from all over the world who really give an international character to Noragric's study programmes.

Meline Bernard, from France, came to Norway to study International Relations at Noragric. She was very much inspired by the practical focus of the master's programs at Noragric.

You must be prepared to read a lot, write, understand and try to think outside your own experience. I would advise you to have an open mind about the problems in the world. There is never only one side of an issue, nor a single solution to the problem.

Seven Tanzanians are currently at NMBU, primarily at Noragric and the Dept. of Ecology and Natural Resources Management (INA). They are funded through the CCIAM and EPINAV programmes and most are linked to specific projects.

‘Understanding Gender, Human Security and Development in Post-Conflict Swat, Pakistan: Implications for Policy and Practice’. Friday August 15th 2014, 8:30-13:30. Venue: Litteraturhuset, Oslo

Three master students: K. Agustsson , A. Garibjana , E. Rojas and  Prof A. Vatn published this article in International Forestry Review

Connor Cavanagh and Tor A. Benjaminsen published this article in Geoforum.


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