The School of Economics and Business offers studies in the fields of economics and business economics, organization and management, social science and philosophy.

Our research seminar series for the spring semester begins on Wednesday January 28th. Professor Espen Haug will give a brownbag seminar at 12.15 in room T452, with the title "SpaceTime Finance and High Frequency Trading. Where Physics meets Finance”.

Farmers and consumers in developing countries are vulnerable for climate changes. Sofie Waage Skjeflo studies how different households adapts to climate changes and she contributes to an improved understanding of rural economies.

Bethelhem Legesse Debela studies the role of household strategies and public interventions in enabling households to attain secure rural livelihoods in her PhD thesis. On Monday December 22. she defends her thesis.

Livingstone Senyonga, PhD student at the School of Economics and Business, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, has won the prize "IAAE Best Student Paper Award 2014".

Arnar Mar Buason received the prize for best master degree thesis at the School of Economics and Business last year.

The commodity markets are not what they once were. Synthetic fish can now be purchased on an exchange, while investments in agricultural real estate have become insurance for uncertain times.

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