Julie Percival (29) finished her Master’s Degree in Ecology in 2014. She is now working as an Information Advisor at the Department of Conservation in Wellington, New Zealand.

The University of Bergen (UiB) is arranging a course in alpine ecology that is open to external students. The course is arranged as a field course at Finse research station in the period August/September .

Thursday, May 28th, Meley Mekon Rannestad defends her thesis on carbon capture and storage in the Tanzanian forest. The defense takes place in SU 105, Sørhellinga.

On Wednesday June 3 professor Peter Fredman will give a talk on tourism management from a landscape perspective.

On Wednesday, May 27, there will be a seminar on REDD+, with two of the world's leading researchers on reducing deforestation and forest degradation: prof. Sandra Brown and Prof. Margaret Skutsch.

Bird species living in Oslo does not have bigger brains than species that prefer the countryside.

It is now nearing the end for the Master's students that started in 2013. The Department invites all graduating students to an informal gathering along with our staff. 

Wednesday March 25 there will be a guest lecture with the title: Ethical aspects of the wild-domesticated continuum in tourism

On Friday the 27th of February, Ylva-li Blanck will defend her dissertation about the historical fire regime in Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell Nature reserve. The defense will take place at Auditorium SKP.

On Thursday the 26th of February there will be two guest lectures on the ecology of forest fires by Dr. Peter M. Brown and Dr. Anders Granström. Both lectures will be in SU105. 

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