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Nordic Embryo Technology Association (NETA)

February 2021 a new, however not official network was established in order to tighten the relationship between practioners, researchers and specialists in the field of embryo technology.

NETA is a non-profit association aiming to facilitate collaboration, dissemination and application of knowledge on embryo technologies in all species but with the main focus on production animals.

The vision of the Association is to form a forum for the exchange of practical, technical and scientific information at a Nordic level. We aim to hold yearly meetings where everyone within the field is encouraged to participate practitioners, technicians, teachers, scientists, and students.

The mission of the Association is also to raise awareness of the field of embryo technologies and stimulate education of new as well as established embryologists, technicians and veterinarians in this attractive field.



The constituent bodies of the Association are:

  • The Board of Country Representatives
    • A maximum of two members from each country are selected by voting members in the Annual Meeting. Half of the board is up for election every second year, but the same members can be re-elected. Drawing of lots will be used to determine which half of the Board is to be elected first, at the end of the first two years´ operation. The Board meets at least once per year.

      The Board selects a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary of the Association from amongst themselves. The Association is represented by its Board. The President together with the Secretary or the Treasurer, or the Secretary together with the Treasurer, have the right to represent the Association.
    • The Association is financially committed by the signature of the President or of the Treasurer of the Association. In case of their being unavailable, this may be delegated to another member of the Board.
  • The members present at the Annual Meeting whose subscription have been paid.
  • The meeting organisers
    The organisers of the Annual Meeting (rotates between the Nordic countries). The meeting organisers are appointed by the country representatives.

The Board 

Division of roles in the board from 2021 until new election:

President (SE): Ylva Sjunnesson. D.V.M. PhD.

Director of The Centre for Reproductive biology in Uppsala (CRU).

Department of Clinical Sciences. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

P.O. Box 7054, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden

Ylva Sjunnesson. D.V.M. PhD.

Julio Gonzalez (SLU)



Vice President (DK): Jan Bojsen-Møller Secher. D.V.M. PhD. Associate Professor.

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. University of Copenhagen.

Hoejbakkegaard Alle 5a, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark.

Jan Bojsen-Møller Secher. D.V.M. PhD. Associate Professor.

Jan Bojsen-Møller Secher



Secretary (DK): Merle Friederike Fenner. D.V.M. PhD. Assistant Professor.

Department for Veterinary and Animal Sciences. University of Copenhagen

Grønnegårdsvej 7, 1870 Frederiksberg, Denmark.


Merle Friederike Fenner

Merle Friederike Fenner



Treasurer (NO): Irma Oskam. D.V.M. PhD. Prof.

The Livestock Production Research Center. The Norwegian university of life sciences.


Postbox 5003, 1432, Ås, Norway. E-mail:

Irma Oskam. D.V.M. PhD. Prof.

Irma Oskam



Board member (FIN): Jaana Peippo. Senior scientist

NordGen - Nordiskt Genressurscenter

Address: c/o NMBU – Biovit Box 5003, 1432 Ås, Norway


Jaana Peippo



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