Utviklings- og internasjonal økonomi

For the M.Sc. in Economics you can choose between five specializations that teach you to apply rigorous economic theories and methods to analyze different sets of question: "Development and International Economics" addresses questions like: Why do one billion people still live in poverty? Why are natural environment, such as rainforests, being overexploited? What policies can lift the poor out of poverty while maintaining the resource base?

Code Name ECTS Term
ECN352 Poverty 10 S
ECN303 Impact Assessment Methods 5 F
ECN304 Behavioral and Experimental Economics 10 F
ECN331 International Economics and Finance 5 Aug
ECN330 Economic Integration and Trade 10 F
ECN350 Development and Natural Resource Economics 10 F
M30-ECON Master Thesis with seminar 30 Jan/S
Published 24. mars 2017 - 10:18 - Updated 24. mars 2017 - 10:18