Miljø- og ressursøkonomi

For the M.Sc. in Economics you can choose between five specializations that teach you to apply rigorous economic theories and methods to analyze different sets of question: "Environment and Resource Economics" addresses questions like: What is the environmental costs of landscape destruction from roads, electric power lines, hydro power and wind power? What are the health costs of air pollution and roads traffic noise? How much oil should Norway extract, and should we extract oil in environmentally sensitive areas like the Lofoten islands? Can firms become "green" and still make money? How can putting economic values on ecosystem services contribute to sustainable development? Which regulatory instruments to use to reduce air and water pollution? Reduce emissions or just adapt to climate change?

Code Name ECTS Term
ECN271 Project Evaluation and Environmental Valuation 10 S
ECN371 Environmental Economics 10 S
ECN372 Climate Economics 10 F
ECN331 International Economics and Finance 5 Aug
ECN330 Economic Integration and Trade 10 F
ECN380 Energy Markets and Regulations 10 F
BUS311 Environmental Accounting and Management 5 S
M30-ECON Master Thesis with seminar 30 Jan/S
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