Financial and Commodity Market Analysis

45 ECTS: Mandatory core courses for all students in the Master of Science in Economics

45 ECTS: These additional ECTS are made up of required specialty courses, prescribed electives and general electives that the student must earn

20 ECTS in specialty courses:

•  BUS322 Investment Analysis and Financial Risk Management, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
•  BUS323 Commodity Market Analysis, 10 ECTS (Spring)

20 ECTS from among the following prescribed electives:

• ECN280 Energy Economics, 10 ECTS (Spring)
ECN230 International Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)

5 ECTS in general elective courses, chosen from among other 200- or 300-level courses in Economics or Business, or 100-level courses from other institutes.

30 ECTS: Master thesis


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