Financial and Commodity Market Analysis

Mandatory courses under Financial and Commodity Market Analysis

In addition to mandatory courses for all the students in Master of Sciences In Economics (45 ECTS), students in this specialization must take:

•  BUS322 Investment Analysis and Financial Risk Management, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
•  BUS323 Commodity Market Analysis, 10 ECTS (Spring)
•  BUS326 Applied Financial Econometrics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)

The remaining 15 ECTS  shall be chosen from among the following recommended electives:
• BUS325 Fixed Income Instruments, 10 ECTS (Spring)
BUS315 Corporate Finance and Valuation, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
BUS327 Financial Bubbles, Crashes and Crisis, 5 ECTS (Spring)
• ECN280 Energy Economics, 10 ECTS (Spring)
ECN260 Agricultural Policy I, 5 ECTS (January)
ECN230 International Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)


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