Development and Global Change

Mandatory courses under Development and Global Change

In addition to mandatory courses for all the students in Master of Sciences In Economics (45 ECTS), students in this specialization must take:

• ECN352 Poverty and Inequality, 10 ECTS (Spring)
ECN350 Development and Global Change, 10 ECTS (Spring) 
• ECN303 Impact Assessment Methods, 5 ECTS (Autumn)

And must choose 5 ECTS among the following recommended electives:
• ECN372 Climate Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
• EDS370 Gender and Development, 5 ECTS (January)
• ECN304 Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
• EDS355 Climate Change and Development, 10 ECTS (Spring)
ECN375 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - theory and applications, 10 ECTS (Spring)
ECN260 Agricultural Policy, 5 ECTS (January)
ECN230 International Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)

The remaining 15 ECTS are to be earned from elective courses, chosen among other courses at NMBU at 200- or 300-level, or from a list of eligible 100-level courses.
Courses at the School of Economics and Business (English)
Courses at NMBU (English) 

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