Course in Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers, 10 ECTS

Course in Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers, 10 ECTS


The course is based on the recommendations from FELASA category C and covers point a (procedures), b (design) and d (killing) in Article 23 of the Directive 2010/63/EU and the appendix E in the Norwegian Regulation on Laboratory Animal Research FOR-2015-06-18-761.

Previous knowledge

Basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology, competence in statistics, knowledge about literature searches on the internet and in libraries is recommended. A 3-year education at university or college level is a prerequisite in order for the participant to plan and design procedures and projects (Function (b) in the EU Directive 2010/63). Students enrolled in a PhD program, master program or at "forskerlinjen" in veterinary medicine/medicine are approved as course participants.

The course consists of the following

  • Online self-study 11 - 25 February 2020.
    Tuesday 11 February there will be an introduction to the course and the use of Canvas and FOTS. This will not be mandatory, but for those who wants to get some help getting started on the self study. The introduction will be held at Fellesauditoriet bygg 22. If anybody wants to join via Skype, please let us know on your registration form.
    The e-learning part have to be completed before 25 February.
  • Lectures/group work/assignments from lunch Tuesday 25 February to afternoon Thursday 27 February 2020.
  • Online multiple choice exam, between 28 February and 6 March 2020.
  • Written assignment: Make an application for performance of an animal experiment (FOTS application), deadline 1 April 2020.
  • 2 days of practical training, deadline 1 month after the course week.

The obligatory lectures/group work/assignment are based on learning outcomes from the e-learning modules.
It is obligatory for the course participants to go through the e-learning modules before attending the course at Campus Adamstuen, NMBU.
The practical training, written assignment and the online multiple choice exam must be completed before the course is approved.

Aims and objectives

The aims are to teach the participants the basics of laboratory animal science, which includes biology, handling, anesthesia/analgesia, euthanasia, health monitoring, infections, design of studies, ethics, humane endpoints etc.

Practical training

The participants will have to undertake 2 days of practical training on a relevant animal species, supervised by a named Veterinary Surgeon, working with laboratory animals. Each participant is personally responsible for finding a suitable supervisor that is willing to provide the obligatory 2 days of training. If necessary, it is possible to arrange for practical training at NMBU, campus Adamstuen, but it will cost additional NOK 3000. Guidelines for the training will be provided after the registration deadline.


The exam consists of an online multiple choice test. The group work, the written assignment and the practical training must be completed before the course is approved. 

Course responsible

Assistant Professor Kristine Hansen, Section of Experimental Biomedicine, NMBU.