Erasmus opphold i kobenhavn

LIFE er kjent for sitt vakre campusomrde sentralt i Kbenhavn
LIFE er kjent for sitt vakre campusomrde sentralt i Kbenhavn Photo: Wikimedia

I chose to do an exchange the third year of my five year master study of landscape architecture. Both as I wanted to allow the experience to influence my choice of master specialisation and because I found subjects that could replace obligatory courses at UMB.  

LIFE, as the faculty of Life sciences is called, operates with a very well organised schedule of four blocks, block 1&2 in autumn semester and block 3&4 in spring. The exams of block 2 are held as late as February and might give troubles for those wanting to stay one semester only. Any exchange to LIFE should last a whole year, one semester will leave you wanting more.  All my courses at the Institute of Forest and Landscape were well planned in advance, with weekly lecture plans and literature lists already available before study start.  

Plants and Technology in Landscape architecture: (Danish) Great course, long hours and heavy work load, mainly group work. We had three professors guiding 35 students. Excursions, lectures, concept development, project development and detailing. I did this instead of construction technique and designing with plants 
Håndværk og Æstetik I Landskabsarkitektur: (Danish) Good course, much up to your self how much time to spend. Spatial design and good for exercising graphic work. Mainly group work Geographical Information Systems: (English) Good as introduction to GIS and ok exersices. Lectures were not very good, but exercises were well explained in text. Group or individual work 
Thematic Course: Landscape Planning (English) Good as getting more into bigger scale projects. Includes a study trip to a new country each year. We went to Bordeaux and made plans for a dockside redevelopment. Good reference lectures and focus on modelwork. Group work.   

If you dislike group work, LIFE is not made for you. Most courses are based on group work with some individual parts. An alternative is to make up your own course, agree with a lecturer to be your advisor and set of on your own, or two together.  For the school, the location is great, just outside the city centre of Copenhagen, close to metro station Forum. You get anywhere by bike. Students have computer rooms and group facilities available. The student Association FLS (Foreningen for landskabsarkitektstuderende) is really active so make sure to be present at the information meetings at the start of the semester.  I would recommend anyone to spend a year or more at LIFE.  


Published 11. April 2014 - 12:08 - Updated 23. mai 2017 - 19:39