Staff mobility

Who can participate?

All NMBU staff (academic and technical/administrative) can apply for Erasmus+ funding for short training periods at higher education institutions, companies and organisations in Europe. The stay must be pre-approved by your superior and should be relevant and useful for your field of work.

Academic staff interested in going abroad to teach may apply for a teaching mobility grant.  Scientific staff who wish to teach abroad can apply for support for teaching stays at an Erasmus+ partner university.  In order to apply, you must have an employment relationship with NMBU (permanent or temporary). You cannot apply if you have retired /are employed under pension terms.

 PhD students can apply for exchange both as staff and as students. As students they can do short term mobility from 5 to 30 days. It is recommended to add a virtual component to the physical mobility, but it is not a requirement. 

Programme objective

The mobility grant is meant to increase the level of international activity at NMBU faculties and departments by offering them financial compensation. By reimbursing some of the costs related to stays abroad to the department/faculties in question, we hope to give more employees the opportunity to go abroad.

Funding criteria

  • You can receive financial support for training stays in Erasmus+ programme countries.
  • The minimum duration is 2 full working days. In addition, you can receive funding for up to 2 travel days.
  • The maximum duration is 60 days. Stays that are longer than 14 days must be justified. The daily grant amount is reduced after the 14th day.
  • Conference participation is not eligible for Erasmus+ funding.
  • If you are going to a higher education institution, the institution must hold an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).
  • An inter-institutional Erasmus agreement between NMBU and the receiving institution is not required.
  • You cannot get Erasmus+ scholarships for activities that receive support from other EU co-operation programs /projects

Examples of stays that might be eligible for support

  • Participation in international weeks, staff training weeks, partner days, etc.
  • Job shadowing: administrative staff spending a few days with colleagues at a higher education institution to learn from them and share best practices
  • Seminars and workshops at higher education institutions or in other relevant organisations
  • Lab training (for academic staff and doctoral research fellows)
  • Methods and summer courses (for academic staff and doctoral research fellows)
  • Study visits for observation or training in a company
  • Language courses


Teaching mobility      

Funding criteria

  1. You must be an NMBU faculty staff member. Ph.D. students and postdocs are also eligible for a grant.
  2. NMBU must hold an Erasmus+ agreement with the receiving institution. Please see the list of Erasmus partners.
  3. The teaching assignment must be an integral part of the teaching program at the receiving institution.
  4. The stay must last between two days and two months. Normally , support is given for up to 2 weeks . Longer stays must be justified specifically. Funding is granted for up to two travel days. The daily grant amount is reduced after the 14th day.
  5. The minimum requirement for a teaching assignment is 8 teaching hours per week. 
  6. The content, scope and dates of the teaching assignment must be agreed with the partner university in advance.
  7. Your superior must approve the stay and agree to cover the remaining costs beyond the grant amount.

Note: Only applications that are in compliance with all the criteria above will be assessed. Priority will be given to first-time applicants.



  • The grant is intended as a contribution to increase staff mobility at NMBU.
  • The grant amount will only cover part of the expenses associated with the stay. It is anticipated that the department/faculty covers the excess amount.
  • The grant is not transmitted directly to the participant, but to his/her department after the stay is completed.


How to apply

  1. Contact to check if there are grants available. There is no application deadline.
  2. Contact the receiving organisation to obtain an invitation or a confirmation from them, or apply /register for the course/training in question.
  3. You need a confirmation from your superior/administrative supervisor: Print and sign the the form Mobility Agreement for training or Mobility agreement for teaching and ask your superior to sign it.
  • Explain the purpose, content, duration and expected outcome of your stay in the mobility agreement
  • Get a confirmation and/or detailed program from the receiving institution
  • Send the signed Mobility Agreement to
  • If you get a grant you will receive a grant agreement that needs to be signed and submitted before departure.  


After the stay

  1. Confirmation of Erasmus Staff Mobility must be filled in and signed by the host institution.
  2. Submit the EU Survey (will automatically be sent to your email account after the stay)
  3. Submit your expense report from travel to your faculty.
  4. The faculty processes the expense report and sends "kontostreng" and copy of the expense report to Please note that both a copy of the expense report and the confirmation of Staff Mobility and the EU Survey must be submitted before the grant is transferred to the faculty.
Published 26. september 2017 - 14:01 - Updated 22. April 2021 - 10:39