Torske Klubben Graduate Fellowship - for Norwegian Citizens

Fellowship Amount

A stipend of $16,000 for the academic year, plus tuition for up to 14 credits per semester.

Instructions to Applicants

Torske Klubben applicants must be admitted to the University of Minnesota Graduate School.  They can apply to pursue a degree at the UM or apply for Professional Development Coursework (PDC).  Those electing PDC will take courses at the UM but receive their degree from a Norwegian University.  NOTE:  If applying for PDC, contact the Graduate School Fellowship Office at before starting the application for admission.

  1. Information on the UM admission process is available online. Detailed information about specific major programs is also listed.

  2. Submit the application for admission electronically.  All materials required by the prospective program AND the Graduate School must be received before final action will be taken on the admission application. [Note:  A $95 application fee for international students is payable by credit card.]

  3. If pursuing a degree, applicants should be aware that many programs require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), including the subject test.  However, most programs do not require the GRE if pursuing PDC.  If the GRE is required, make arrangements immediately to take the GRE and have scores sent to the Graduate School.  Information on taking the GRE is available at web site

  4. Complete, in English, and return the Torske Klubben application to the Graduate School Fellowship Office at, or in hard copy to the Graduate Fellowship Office, 314 Johnston Hall, 101 Pleasant St. S.E., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455, U.S.A. by February 23, 2017.  Letters of recommendation (also in English) should be signed and on letterhead, and mailed directly to the Fellowship Office (electronically or in hard copy).  Since the application for admission requires official transcripts, there is no need to send additional transcripts for the fellowship competition.

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