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  • Whitney Richardson (ENG)

    Whitney, from Chicago (USA), is pursuing a master's degree in International Environmental Studies. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Studies, with a concentration in human rights, and a minor in English from the University of Iowa. She also holds a post-professional certificate in Sustainable Urban Design, with a focus on community-managed green spaces.  

    She has over ten years of professional experience building sustainable, community-driven food systems. Her academic focus is on rights of nature, environmental ethics, and agroecology.

    Languages: English (native) and Spanish (proficient)

  • Patrick John Bolliger

    Patrick has a degree in International Environment and Development Studies and is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in International Environmental Studies.  His academic interests include coastal, marine and aquatic resource management, marine biology and development studies. Patrick is a native English speaker and can assist students with writing on a bachelor or master level.

    Language: English


  • Lise Endregard (ENG/NOR)

    Lise is a Norwegian student and spent one year on exchange in Indiana, USA during high school. She is currently on her second year of the Bachelor in International Environment and Development studies. She can assist in both English and Norwegian, and understands some basic Spanish.

    Languages: Norwegian, Spanish, and English


  • Alejandro Herrera

    Alejandro moved to Norway to pursue a bachelor degree in International Environment and Development Studies. Prior to his arrival he had performed studies in Chemical & Process Engineering and Foreign Language Teaching (English and French) in his native Medellín, Colombia. He has eight years' experience teaching English, French, and Spanish. Furthermore, Alejandro can assist students with writing in these three languages. His academic interests include both science and humanities. 

    Languages: English, Spanish, and French

  • Kamilla Evita Masvik

    Kamilla is a Norwegian student. She is currently on her second year of the Bachelor in International Environment and Development studies. She can be of help in both Norwegian and English.


    Languages: Norwegian and English

  • Hedvig Hoel Bjørge

    Hedvig has just completed a teaching degree in  Practical Pedagogy (PPU) at NMBU, and is now working fulltime at the Writing Centre. She has also completed a master in Agroecology and a bachelor in International Environmental and Development Studies, both at NMBU. Her academic interests are both in social and environmental sciences; with a special focus on agriculture, international politics and ecology. She gives advice in both Norwegian and English, and is happy to help both master and bachelor students.

    Languages: Norwegian, English, French, and Spanish