Student Journal Launch


Student Journal Launch

Hendelse avsluttet
12:15 - 13:30

The time has finally come to launch Volume 9 of the NMBU Student Journal. We invite all students and staff at NMBU to join us in celebrating the launch of this volume.

When: Wednesday, April 3rd, at 12:15

Where: NMBU Main Library, Tower Building

Coffee and cake will be served

Link to the Facebook event

The NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences is a student-run academic journal published annually, which showcases high-quality work from students across all disciplines at NMBU.

The Journal is published towards the end of every spring semester. Students are encouraged to submit term papers that have received high marks, as well as articles specifically written for the journal.

The Journal was first conceived by Teaching Assistants at the Noragric Writing Centre, which published the first two volumes online. At the time, the journal was called the UMB Student Journal of International Environment and Development Studies.

In 2014, the Journal was renamed the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences, reflecting its cross-disciplinary nature. The Editorial Board consisting of a group of engaged students, with support from the Writing Centre and a Faculty Advisor, now publish the Journal. If you are interested in joining, let us know.


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