Short version of "allmøte" in English

Short version of "allmøte" in English

11:45 - 12:15

Welcome to a short version of "allmøte" in English

On March 22nd, there will be an “allmøte” for all students and employees at NMBU, from 12.30-14.00 in Bikuben. This meeting will be mostly in Norwegian. However, Rector Curt Rice invites everyone to a short version of what is coming in the "allmøte" 30 minutes before the “allmøte”. Welcome to Admiralen, 2nd floor in Bikuben at 11.45-12.15. 

He hopes nonetheless that you’ll participate in the "allmøte - not least of all as an opportunity to keep working on your Norwegian skills!

All students and employees are welcome.

The meeting will be livestreamed and probably recorded.

Admiralen - Bikuben og nett / livestream
Oluf Thesens vei 35, 1430 Ås
Campus Ås
Published 15. desember 2022 - 13:19 - Updated 15. desember 2022 - 13:19