A network of opportunities

For many companies, networking is one of the most common recruitment channels, and several positions are never advertised.

- Your university network is very important, even after you have finished your studies. In the future, many of your fellow students will be working in industries and companies that are of interest to you. If you make sure to connect with them now, you will be able to contact them later, for example if you are interested in a position in the company a former fellow student works in, or wish to arrange a student reunion, says Tone-Line Fiane, career counselor at NMBU.

Alumni network

The word alumni is an international collective term for former students, and networks through the university are called alumni networks.

- I highly recommend all our graduates to become part of NMBU Alumni, our network of former students. Here we facilitate knowledge sharing, competence enhancement and networking, among other things. In this way you can stay in touch with your fellow students and the university, and the university can stay in touch with you, says Marte Skjerping, adviser alumni relations at NMBU.  


LinkedIn is the world largest professional network, and having a good LinkedIn profile is becoming increasingly important. Making yourself searchable in NMBUs alumni overview on LinkedIn, will make it easier for fellow students, NMBU staff and others looking for your expertise to find you. Update your education site to NMBU, and check to see if you are appearing.

Having contacts available on digital platforms as LinkedIn decreases the risk of being left with an invalid email address or phonenumber once you need and want to reach out. By liking, sharing and creating posts, you also make yourself visible and interesting for possible future employers. 

Career guidance after completing your degree

Do you need feedback on your resume or job application, interview training or career guidance? The career counselor at NMBU is available also after you finish your degree. Book time with the career counselor.

Published 15. mai 2020 - 15:52 - Updated 8. juni 2020 - 8:24