EDUPROMO : Promoting higher education through collaboration and exchange

EDUPROMO : Promoting higher education through collaboration and exchange

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In this brand new project, partner universities in Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Norway will promote quality and sustainability in higher education by arranging courses and mobility and joint activities in the field of One Health.



The University of Zambia (UNZA), Makerere University (MAK), Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST), Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) and the Veterinary Faculty at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU-VET) have a longstanding collaboration stretching more than 20 years on core areas of One Health research and education focusing on zoonoses, toxicology, aquatic and environmental health.
EDUPROMO will ensure the sustainability of already established postgraduate courses and training at southern partners and further develop PhD courses in close collaboration with ongoing projects. EDUPROMO will
build capacity at the satellite -and regional universities of the southern partners in Tanzania, Malawi and South-Sudan.

The project head is associate professor Mette Helen Bjørge Mülle, Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences (PRODMED), with participants from Department of Paraclinical Sciences.



The overarching aim of this project is to strengthen and further develop established PhD tracks/programs within One Health research and education focusing on zoonoses, toxicology, aquatic and environmental

This will be achieved by shared theoretical and practical teaching and supervision at UNZA, IMS, MUST, MAK and NMBU-VET, building on mutual academic collaboration and student mobility. This will ensure
sustainability of PhD courses and learning outcome for PhD students at the partner universities as well as satellite and regional universities. For all PhD students, this project will increase their competence
by exposing them to leading scientific experts and researchers in the field of One Health (food safety, animal health, human health, environmental health, fish health, zoonosis). In addition, PhD students
from North and South will gain experience in teaching and supervision of fellow students, which lay the foundation for future academic employment.

EDUPROMOs success is dependent on fruitful collaboration with excisting reasearch- and educational projects. Either PIs or central participants from the collaborative projects are also part of EDUPROMO. These projects include, but are not limited to: 

TRAHESA-project: Capacity Building for Training and Research in Aquatic and Environmental Health in Eastern and Southern Africa (TRAHESA). 

FORTECASE: an exchange project sponsored under the NORPART programme linked to DIKU. Main partners are University of Zambia, Makerere (Uganda) and NMBU

AQUAHEM: Capacity Building in Aquatic and Environmental Health in West Africa

ECARESA: Enhanced Capacity for Aquatic Resources in East and South Africa

ACEIDHA: African Centre of Excellense for Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals 



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