Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences (CauseHealth)

Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences (CauseHealth)

Causation is central to our understanding of human health and illness. Medical explanation, prediction and intervention are all premised on the reality of causation. CauseHealth bring together philosophers, medical researchers and practitioners to address a major challenge: how to understand causation in health sciences.

CauseHealth has a network of experts and practitioners, recruited from a variety of areas: philosophy of medicine, epidemiology, qualitative health research, person-centred medicine, public health science, disease ontology, medical humanities, MUS research (CFS/ME, LBP, FM), behavioural science in medicine, nursery, mental health, probability theory and risk, autism, medical sociology, philosophy of psychiatry, pharmacy, medical research ethics, experimental psychology, neuro-biology, physiotherapy, phenomenology, paediatrics and philosophy of causation. 


FRIHUMSAM, Norges Forskningsråd

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School of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Nottingham
Contact: Roger Kerry

Department of Clinical Medicine
Akershus University Hospital and University of Oslo
Contact: Vegard Bruun Wyller

Medical School
Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid
Contact: Professor Andrew Miles


Principal Investigator

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