Effekter av PRV-infeksjon: Mer enn HSMB?

Effekter av PRV-infeksjon: Mer enn HSMB?

Studies on piscine orthorevirus (PRV) pathogenesis in salmon performed by Rimstad, Dahle and coworkers at NMBU and NVI have demonstrated that the virus massively infects red blood cells prior to infection of the heart in the disease heart- and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI).


Mer om prosjektet

The researchers hypothesize that PRV infection in blood cells may have several consequences for fish health and performance in addition to the development of HSMI. It is likely that primary functions like oxygen delivery and immune function may be affected, and the inflammatory injury to heart and muscle observed in HSMI may only represent the “tip of the iceberg” among the long-term effects of PRV infection.  The research group has also established an ex vivo system for studying infection of salmon erythrocytes, that can be used for further understanding of PRV-mediated effects. PatoGen has previously performed extensive screening of PRV for aquaculture, which has indicated that PRV infection may be linked to other conditions besides HSMI. Links to secondary infections, stress sensitivity and smolt quality has been suspected, and this could partly be explained by a blood cell infection. Together, this forms the basis on which the hypotheses of the project have been built.

Norsk sammendrag:
Forskere ved NMBU og Veterinærinstituttet har vist at piscine orthovirus (PRV) infiserer røde blodlegemer massivt før hjertet infiseres ved hjerte- og skjelettmuskelbetennelse (HSMB) hos laks.

Veterinærinstituttet har det overordnete ansvaret for prosjektet.

Prosjektleder ved NMBU er professor Espen Rimstad.