Kunnskapsfrokost: Study smart! Learn citing and referencing

Kunnskapsfrokost: Study smart! Learn citing and referencing

Hendelse avsluttet
09:00 - 10:00

Citing the sources you use to produce your own thoughts, is considered very important in higher education. Failing to do so, might count as plagiarism and, therefore, cheating. Hence, the correct usage of sources is essential for writing good academic texts.

Every month you can join us at the library for breakfast and a small lecture on useful topics for you as a student, researcher or staff at NMBU.

In this talk, these questions will be answered:

  • What characterizes a good academic source?
  • Which sources should you avoid in your student assignments?
  • Why is it important to cite the sources you use?
  • How should you cite your sources in a way that satisfies the requirements for scholarly writing?
  • What information does a correct reference list contain?

Note: This talk will not handle the subject of finding sources for your assignments. That will be the subject for the breakfast talk of 6th December called “Study smart! Learn effective search techniques”.

Practical info:

Time: 13.9.2022, 9.00-10.00

Breakfast is served 8.45 AM, talk starts 9.15 AM.

Place: The University Library in the Veterinary building, or digitally on Zoom.

Please register here for physical attendance

Please register here if you want to attend digitally via Zoom


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