NMBU research ethics forum

NMBU research ethics forum

Open meeting
12:15 - 13:30

Open meetings to bring awareness and facilitate discussions about research ethics.

From August 2022, MINA is establishing a new forum for bringing awareness and facilitate discussions about research ethics. The forum is open for all, and directed toward NMBU researchers at all career stages.
We are planning to have 5-6 meetings a year in Innsikten (main library, Veterinary building).

Come for the cookies, stay for the research ethics!

Tuesday 23. August 2022, 12:00 (12:15) - 13:30 
Mingling with cookies, tea and coffee the first 15 minutes

Theme: Questionable practice, sloppiness or misconduct? What is what, and why does it matter in research ethics?

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NMBU Universitetetsbiblioteket Veterinærbygningen Innsikten
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