Kunnskapsfrokost: Writing the Master Thesis

Kunnskapsfrokost: Writing the Master Thesis

Hendelse avsluttet
09:00 - 10:00

We introduce principles of academic writing, how to create an outline, and what to focus on in the different drafts.

Lecture in english by the Writing Centre.

Kunnskapsfrokost are monthly events where the NMBU library serve breakfast together with a small lecture on useful topics for you as a student, researcher or staff at NMBU.
Place: Library in the Tower Building, Campus Ås
The events are free and open to all.

Vi serverer en foredragsrekke sammen med en enkel frokost. Vi håper foredragene kan være nyttige for deg som student, forsker eller ansatt ved NMBU.
Sted: Biblioteket i Tårnbygningen, Campus Ås
Arrangementet er gratis og åpent for alle.


Biblioteket i Tårnbygningen
Campus Ås
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