Supplier information in English

Tender processes at NMBU

  • NMBU adheres to public procurement laws and regulations, and as such tenders with a value exceeding 1,4MNOK excl VAT are published in English in the European TED database.
  • As a tender process management system, NMBU use Mercell TendSign. To access the tender documents and submit an offer, you need to create an account in Mercell Tendsign.
    For system support questions, please refer to the English system FAQ or contact
  • Some procedures are two-phased, starting with a pre-qualification of suppliers followed by an invitation to submit offers forr qualified and invited suppliers. We have made a short description for your information.
  • If you have questions concerning a particular tender, please contact the case handler at NMBU's purchasing department on

Invoicing and delivery addresses

  • Invoicing and invoice referencing information is available here
  • Duty deferment account number (Tollkredittnummer): 22805-40
  • NMBU has a significant number of delivery and office addresses, all which are listed here (information in Norwegian only).

eProcurement at NMBU

  • NMBU uses an electronic purchasing system for ordering most goods/products procured after a completed tender process.
  • Suppliers' products can be made available in the system by connecting the supplier's webshop, configuring a static product catalogue (for framework agreements) or as a freetext setup (stand-alone tenders)
  • Orders are sent to the supplier via email or through a webportal/integration to the supplier ordering system, depending on the connection.
  • For more information about e-procurement at NMBU, please contact our eprocurement support team


Published 23. september 2021 - 8:21 - Updated 6. April 2022 - 14:42